PagCripto, a Brazilian over-the-counter trading desk, full cryptocurrency exchange, and merchant service, has now integrated Dash and partnered with Dash Dinheiro Digital to promote Dash in Brazil.

[tweet align=’right’] PagCripto was founded in February 2018 to make the on-boarding process to cryptocurrency easier for those less familiar with the space and without large infrastructure. The service enables merchants of any size to easily accept cryptocurrencies and immediately convert to fiat to avoid any potential exchange price risks. The company was started by three entrepreneurs that have a background in technology and IT security.

The PagCripto website touts multiple security features that include storing around 90% of their cryptocurrency in cold storage, utilizing a 3-of-3 multi-signature wallet, encryption, real time audits, and total reserves. Discounts are also applied to users the more transactions are conducted on the platform.

Dash’s ever-growing presence in Brazil

The PagCripto partnership expands Dash’s presence and integration count in Brazil. Recently, added Dash, including InstantSend support for instantly confirmed deposits. NovaDAX also integrated Dash last quarter, including a promotional giveaway for new users. Kamoney added Dash this summer, enabling merchants to accept Dash payments and users to buy gift cards and pay bills, facilitating living off of cryptocurrency in Brazil. Finally, early this year Brazilian exchanges 3xbit, Coinbene, and XDEX all added Dash to their platforms.

Dash is working to improve liquidity and cross-exchange arbitrage opportunities

Dash is working towards the goal of improving liquidity by working on integrating into more exchanges and merchant services such as PagCripto that enable merchants and consumers to easily enter and exit the market. This provides more long-term liquidity as merchants and consumers in different countries have more options of where to go when they want to enter and exit their holdings. However, Dash is also utilizing its InstantSend and ChainLocks feature to get more exchanges to lower their confirmation requirements since they are no longer necessary for Dash. This then enables investors and holders of Dash to easily, quickly, and safely enter and leave exchanges when the price begins to change due to short-term demand and supply issues, which helps mitigate larger price swings.