Bitcoin, you’ve changed.

I know we’ve been fighting a lot. You’ve been keeping your small blocks while holding out for some sort of lighting network down the road, and I’ve been fighting for bigger blocks and an on-chain scaling solution. It’s gotten pretty ugly at times, and I’m sorry for my part in that. All tech communities fight at some point, I know that. This is different, though. Something about you is different.

Hey, I get it. We all grow up. You’re a distributed network, after all, and I suppose it’s unfair to expect you to stay the same regardless of what your users and maintainers do. Sometimes we start out as a distributed peer-to-peer digital cash, but over time we change into a stable store of value, a settlement layer for large wealth transfers. Yeah, I get it. That’s who you are now. More power to you. I’m happy for you.

But I just want you to see where I’m coming from. I don’t need a digital settlement layer. I don’t need an electronic stock of sorts. Hell, you remember when we met, I was using cash to keep the government out of my business while stockpiling gold. I was all set as far as stable wealth that no one could touch. What I need is a digital money that no one can censor, that I can spend easily, instantly, and cheaply.

Remember the early days, when we first met? I do. At first I didn’t understand you well, but I used you because it was easy and fun. Pretty soon, though, it hit me how world-changing you were. Near-instant transactions to anyone, anywhere in the world, almost free? You blew my mind. I couldn’t get enough. I told everyone I met about you, and how you could topple empires and lift the third world out of poverty. That’s the Bitcoin I fell in love with. It’s hard to imagine that all that’s gone now.

Yes, I know. You’re real, not a fairytale. This was going to happen sooner or later. You’re not bound to be some fantasy in my head to satisfy all my crypto-anarchist wet dreams. But I won’t let you deny that what we had was real. It was. I had peer-to-peer digital cash for a few fleeting years. That wasn’t a lie. And even though I have to let you go, I won’t let go of the hope of fulfilling that dream someday. Digital cash is possible. It’s out there somewhere. I just know it.

So, this is where we part ways. No hard feelings, for real. Don’t let any of what I’ve said get you down. You’re powerful and amazing, and can do so much for the world still. You just aren’t what I need in my life. Maybe our paths will cross again someday. Maybe someone will send you to me for a donation or as payment for work, and we’ll see each other for a short while before I ShapeShift you into something else. If so, I look forward to that meeting. Until then, take care of yourself.

Sayonara, Miss Nakamoto.