, “the simplest cryptocurrency converter in the world”, recently integrated Dash, which now offers consumers more exchange options including new routes to get into Dash from over 140 cryptocurrencies.

[tweet align=’right’] The announcement was made via twitter and reddit that highlighted the reasons for the integration.

“We made Dash one of our priorities when adding new assets on as it has a strong community and a lot of continuous development. We hope to integrate ourselves deeper into this community and be a part of the future!”

Dash was previously an output currency on, but is now fully available as an input asset. The fees to use the service are only 0.5% on top of the network’s fees, which will be extremely low in the case of Dash. also maintains very fast processing since exchanges are completed in around 25 minutes, which could be even faster with the lightning speeds of Dash, depending on the other cryptocurrency in the exchange.

Enhancing exchange liquidity

[tweet align=’left’] A good amount of cryptocurrency exchanges are notorious for having low liquidity for the amount of consumer demand, especially among fiat trading pairs. However, exchanges like help rectify this by allowing consumers to more easily exchange between different cryptocurrencies. Greater liquidity helps improve the access to Dash and helps reassure individuals currently holding Dash that they can easily convert back to another currency if they ever need to do so, which helps reduce the volatility of Dash. also improves upon other exchanges like Shapeshift, which used to provide this service without registration, but now requires “membership” signup to use the platform. Exchanges that do not require a sign up help users explore different cryptocurrencies without sacrificing their anonymity, which is what the cryptocurrency sector was created to help protect.

Dash focusing on decentralized acquisition

Dash recognizes that many consumers and merchants want to move in and out of Dash without sacrificing any personal information so Dash offers users PrivateSend options for transactions and has integrated into many decentralized exchanges, such as DynX, Bisq, Komodo, DashNearby, Dashous, and Wall of Coins. Giving consumers additional mobility options is beneficial since users will begin to gravity towards coins that offer them the most useful features in everyday life, which is where Dash is excelling and attracting users.

Additionally, since Dash has focused on merchant adoption, quick transactions, and inexpensive transactions, it is becoming easier for consumers to get paid directly in Dash, which is one of the most decentralized ways to acquire cryptocurrency. These features further help consumers enter and stay within the Dash ecosystem by giving the consumer more trade options without having to sacrifice too much personal information.