NOWPayments, the cryptocurrency point-of-sale service, has integrated Dash, expanding the ability for merchants to more easily accept Dash payments for goods and services.

[tweet align=”left”] The cryptocurrency merchant solution announced that it had added support for Dash this week. Most significantly, “NOWPayments is a completely zero-fee service” aside from network fees for the particular cryptocurrency being used, which is usually less than $0.0005 for Dash. NOWPayments aims to make merchant integration and use as easy as possible by supporting advanced features such as auto coin conversion, instant withdrawals, 24/7 support, stable coins, security, simple API, regulation compliance, and smooth integration”. Their added value service without custodial services is worth highlighting since it enables merchants to have a more user friendly payment interface without sacrificing coin ownership since the merchants controls their own private keys:

“With the integrated non-custodial system that NOWPayments is using, the accepted payments are directly sent to a wallet that you own. The benefits here lay in the fact that we have never touched the coins that you accept, nor could we even if we wanted to. You own every single piece of the pie that gets accepted in your store, after the conversion rate or network fees.”

Merchants can utilize NOWPayment’s platform by installing their Woocommerce plugin after signing up on their website to receive an API key.

A string of recent integrations into merchant services

NOWPayments joins other point-of-sale service provides such as Salamantex, IQ CashNow, AnyPay, and others. Salamantex utilizes their innovative device to make adoption for merchants as simple as possible, including integrating into merchants’ current bookkeeping methods and a planned future update to the Salamantex point-of-sale devices to work with credit/debit cards. The integration with Salamantex then helped lead to an integration with A1 Telekom, which has over 5.4 million mobile lines and over 2.3 million fixed lines in Austria. Then, services like IQ CashNow employs a similar user friendly payment terminal and has over 1,000 merchants in Austria, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, the US, and Ecuador i/n addition to 250 ATMs. Also similar, AnyPay, has been able to onboard new customers, including eGifter, by demonstrating the user friendliness of their platform.

These devices make it more simpler for merchants to accept Dash and other cryptocurrencies, which is key to adoption – minimize switching costs. As more merchants adopt Dash, they will encourage more consumer adoption by providing them more locations to spend Dash, adding to the 4,000+ current locations.

Dash’s ever-growing list of new integrations across a wide variety of services

Dash has been included in a large and growing number of new integrations beyond merchant point-of-sale services such as NOWPayments. Just over the past month, Dash integrations included Bvnex exchange in Vietnam, exchange, SwapSpace, Bitoffer exchange, Cubobit exchange in Mexico, Telx SIM Card Wallet, a Venezuelan parking garage integration, a Venezuelan pharmacy, A1 Telekom and more. Exchange integrations also further help encourage more merchant and consumer adoption since they will have an easier time achieving liquidity with the more exchanges where Dash is available. As Dash is then integrated into more consumer-facing applications and companies, there is a greater likelihood that consumers will be spending Dash. This soon begins to create a self-reinforcing cycle of adoption.