NovaDAX, a cryptocurrency exchange from Brazil, has integrated Dash, including fiat trading pairs as well as a promotional competition for customers to earn free Dash.

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Added this week, NovaDAX, an exchange founded in 2018 with fiat currency trading pairs, added Dash, including cryptocurrency trading pairs with the Brazilian real. The platform has a variable fee structure for buying and selling cryptocurrency the changes based on membership status, called Novawards, but goes from 0.03% at the most expensive range to 0.07% at the least expensive range. Their maker and taker fees for trading crypto-to-crypto also ranges from 0.07% to 0.5%. NovaDax also does have a 0.001 Dash minimum deposit amount with no max and a 0.02 Dash minimum withdraw with a 60 Dash/day limit at the second verification level, but a max of 0 Dash/day at the first verification level. NovaDax also charges a 0.001 Dash withdrawal fee. As for fiat, they limit withdrawals in Real to a $100 minimum with a max of $500, $20,000, and custom per day at the first, second, and third verification levels, respectively.

Part of the integration includes a competition where users can win free Dash by trading the most amount of Dash between September 9th and September 20th. The top Dash trader will win 1 Dash and the next 2nd-10th traders will split the remaining 1 Dash. The exchange will be supporting Dash with trading pairs in Brazilian Real, Bitcoin, and Tether. In addition to trading, NovaDax also offers a detailed library of cryptocurrency basics and trading education for individuals.

Dash’s Growing Presence in Latin America

In addition to NovaDAX, Dash continues to expand across South America with new exchange integrations and merchant adoption. Within 2019, exchanges such as 3xbit, Coinbene, and XDEX have all integrated Dash, which greatly expands liquidity across the country. Services including Kamoney Bill Pay also integrated Dash, which empower Brazilians to pay their bills with Dash and purchase gift cards with Dash as well, facilitating living off of it as a currency. Further, EletroPay, the innovative merchant POS solution has pushed development of its product to enable more merchants to accept Dash, including being able to directly exchange fiat for Dash, as well as act as a point of sale to sell Dash to customers. All of these Dash integrations further empower Brazilians to use cryptocurrency as everyday cash.

Venezuela and Colombia also remain countries with strong Dash adoption. Venezuelans suffering from extreme hyperinflation looking for an alternative to fiat have found Dash and its attributes of a fast, inexpensive medium of exchange highly useful. Recently, Dash has been adopted by a pharmacy and a parking garage, where it has already been used over 1,000 times within a few weeks. In Colombia, Dash was recently integrated into the Daex exchange, as well as the expansion of Dash Text to enable individuals to send Dash via non-smartphones, which accounts for around 59% of Colombians. A large reason for Dash’s expansion within Colombia has been thanks to the Dash Latam team that continues to approach more merchants to adopt and use Dash.

Dash’s growing global presence 

Dash continues to grow around the globe as more and larger cryptocurrency services beyond Brazil continue to integrate it into their platforms. Most recently, in addition to NovaDAX, Coinbase Pro just announced it will integrate Dash this month, which will provide Dash liquidity to all of Coinbase Pro’s service regions except New York State and the United Kingdom. PumaPay, a payment processor with advanced billing features used prominently in the adult entertainment industry, also added Dash this week. Finally, IQ CashNow, an ATM service and point-of-sale merchant solution provider, added Dash to its platform as well, onboarding over 1,000 merchants an 250 ATMs.