The New York State Assembly in the United States is considering launching a digital currency task force to further exam cryptocurrencies and their role within New York state.

The nine person task force would be tasked with delivering their findings by December 2019, if approved. The proposal study questions are the following:

  1. How many cryptocurrencies are currently traded and what is their percentage of market share?
  2. How many crypto exchanges are operating in New York state and what’s their average monthly trading volume?
  3. What’s the impact of digital currency use on state and local tax receipts?
  4. Who are the large investors in digital currencies?
  5. How much energy is required to mine crypto?
  6. How transparent is the crypto marketplace and what’s the potential for price manipulation?
  7. What crypto laws are currently in place by other states, the federal government, and foreign countries?
  8. How can we enhance market transparency and boost consumer protection?
  9. How does New York plan to address the long-term impact of cryptocurrencies?

The task force possibility comes a couple months after the New York AG Eric Schneiderman launched a study into 13 cryptocurrency exchanges. A couple weeks after that, Eric Schneiderman step down from his position due to sexual harassment accusations leaving many wondering what would be New York’s cryptocurrency policy going forward.

Transition from disrespect to begrudging acceptance

Some of the proposed study questions demonstrate a lack of general cryptocurrency knowledge, such as the first question about the number of cryptocurrencies and their market share. Anyone slightly involved in the crypto space can figure this out with a five minute trip to Not the best sign since these individuals are in charge of making laws attempting to regulate cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, it is still a positive sign that they are taking time to investigate questions on topics that they know little about.

Previously, when Bitcoin was much younger, NYC lawmakers thought they knew all that was necessary and their action would carry little consequences on an emerging sector, so they simply threw a couple quick regulations together and called it the Bitlicense. However, it actually caused many crypto businesses to leave the city, resulting in less economic prosperity and hurt their very own constituents. Since then, cryptocurrencies have grown in size and begun to demonstrate their economic power. New York state’s action to launch a task force to study cryptocurrencies shows that lawmakers at least now realize their lack of knowledge and the economic repercussions if bad laws are implemented since cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly ingrained in society.

The questions, nevertheless, do hint at an agenda to discover weaknesses of cryptocurrencies that could be leveraged to justify regulations in the name of ‘consumer protections’. However, some of the more complex questions have already have had significant debates online such as the energy usage debate and regulation in other countries and states. Identities of large investors in the cryptocurrency market, along with price manipulation is harder to discuss due to pseudonymity, and yet cryptocurrency enthusiast are already discussing the problem and possible solutions. This begs the question of what the task force will discover that the cryptocurrency ecosystem has not already discovered and begun to implement solutions, especially over a year from now when the cryptocurrency world moves at lightning speeds.

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