The Dash network has funded the creation of an easy to use web wallet platform which will include special functionality such as tipping.

Titled MyDashWallet, the project is based on Ethereum’s popular MyEtherWallet and will constitute a light wallet accessible via web, similar to a web wallet, however with private keys still in direct control of the user. According to the proposal owner, Delta Engine CEO Benjamin Nitschke, this will provide a simple web wallet experience for new users without the inherent security risks, as well as some extra features:

“In the first iteration MyDashWallet will give Dash users another choice to use hardware wallets or simple option to create a local wallet in the browser without having to download anything. All funds are safe and under the user control at all times. Next up are other services we can provide on top like a much better tipping experience, gifting, spending small amounts, microservices, swapping to other coins, etc.”

Ease of use is the name of the game for Dash, and a web wallet solution bolsters this

One recent complaint is that Dash currently has few reliable web wallet options, which make a cryptocurrency attractive to regular users familiar with online banking services etc. While this may be new territory, Nitschke believes the project will be able to be delivered easily enough:

“As far as I know completely uncharted [territory], but this is true for pretty much every coin except Ethereum and similar to Ethereum coins (NEO for example has nice web and thin client solutions as well, even with hardware wallet support). There are also risks, but we should talk about these later when we know what the problems would be with PrivateSend mixing (not really possible if all you have is one wallet with one address of course) and InstantSend (should work fine, but [Dash Core developer] moocowmoo told us about some issues with thin clients doing this, which is why most don’t support it out of the box).”

An easy multi-platform tipping system will allow easier new user acquisition

One of the key upcoming features of MyDashWallet will be a powerful tool for tipping. This will allow users to tip others and send small amounts of Dash to various social media accounts or email addresses, with a link to create a MyDashWallet to retrieve the funds. According to Nitschke, this will create a good one-stop shop for Dash tips online, something that as of yet likely does not exist:

“No, as far as I know there is an old tipping bot for Reddit which doesn’t work well, some Slack bots that are now unused, and a new Discord bot that pretty much no one uses yet. We have build bots for Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Discord before, on these platforms we can promise a much better experience for users of MyDashWallet. Plus close to zero fees, which is always nice for tipping.”

The early days of Dash Force focused heavily on incentivizing social media and other activity via tipping, mainly via Reddit and Slack, and the nascent Bitcoin Cash movement has had similar success with tipping through the Tippr service. An easy to use and comprehensive tipping solution would greatly assist Dash in being easily distributed online, which may lead to renewed community energizer contests and activities.