MorphToken has added Dash support, allowing fast trading with other cryptocurrencies.

An instant exchange service, MorphToken operates by offering an instant exchange of cryptocurrencies without signing up for an account. The platform also allows for a single cryptocurrency transaction to be exchanged for multiple different tokens, creating an option for easy one-stop portfolio diversification. MorphToken tweeted out the announcement last week:

The integration allows Dash to join a growing number of platforms offering a similar quick exchange services. ShapeShift is the original and industry standard, with Changelly a popular competitor. The recent addition of brings the number of similar services accepting Dash to at least four.

New fast and easy ways of acquiring Dash keep piling up

In a world formerly dominated by Bitcoin trading pairs as a barrier to entry to the cryptocurrency market, options for fast and easy Dash acquisition keep coming in. Last summer, added Dash trading pairs, as well as “bundles” for easily purchasing with credit cards. The main easy buying options is Uphold, which added easy Dash buying with bank transfer or credit card in December, as well as a workaround to get paid in Dash through Bitwage. A recent integration with Bitnovo allows for similar bank and card buying, as well as in-person purchases at thousands of locations around Spain. Finally, Mercury Cash’s recent addition of Dash allows for similar easy buying and selling functions.

Dash’s adoption momentum runs counter to recent Bitcoin trends

While Dash has had a busy last few months with new integrations popping up every few days, the same cannot be easily said for its ancestor. Over the last year, and few months in particular, Bitcoin has lost an increasingly long list of integrations. First BitCart left Bitcoin behind and went Dash-only last summer. Then, both the Stripe payment processor and Steem games similarly dropped Bitcoin payment support. In New Hampshire, both the Free State Project and the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe discontinued Bitcoin support, with Latin American exchange Cryptobuyer following suit.