Dash has been added to two additional cryptocurrency exchanges, OmniTrade and the new Miami Crypto Exchange.

This month Mercury Cash, a cryptocurrency brokerage service, announced the release of its own proprietary cryptocurrency exchange, the Miami Crypto Exchange (MCEX). The focus markets of MCEX will be the United States and Latin America. The exchange supports Dash, bringing it to easier access to new markets:

Mercury Cash notably added Dash as the second currency supported after Ethereum at the beginning of this year. This added yet another convenient fiat gateway for Dash, allowing it to be purchased easily via bank transfer or debit card payment.

OmniTrade adds Dash, solidifies Brazilian market

Additionally, Dash was recently added to OmniTrade, a Brazilian-based cryptocurrency exchange. This includes Dash/BRL trading pairs, allowing prospective new Dash users to buy with Brazilian reals. OmniTrade announced last month that Dash integration was in the works, and it has since been added to the platform:

Late last year, CoinBR added Dash to its platform, opening up over 13,000 physical locations to buy Dash around Brazil. Dash was also added this year to local exchange NegocieCoins, as well as Latin America-focused exchange BitINKA, which supports Brazilian markets.

Dash adoption growth hits its stride in 2018

Dash’s adoption into the global economy has rapidly accelerated in 2018, with new businesses being added to the global listing of Dash-accepting businesses, DiscoverDash. At present, the site lists a grand total of 1,123 businesses accepting Dash around the world, with notable concentrations in Venezuela (157), Australia (89), and New Hampshire (65).

This month, Dash-based merchant solution Alt Thirty Six launched its platform, with a specific focus on reaching the cannabis industry, and a strategic partnership with cannabis-focused merchant platform WebJoint, which claims over 200 dispensaries in the US. Integration into the legal cannabis industry, which historically has faced banking problems, could provide a large adoption boost for Dash.