This article is potentially the first in a new semi-regular series where Dash Force News interviews a merchant that accepts cryptocurrencies and Dash about their experience. In this article, DFN talked with the owners of Human Action, a libertarian and crypto apparel shop.

Members of the Dash Force News team first met the owners of Human Action, Josh Hoffman and Brendon McNamara, at Porcfest a week ago. Their merchant booth was situated diagonally across from the Dash booth and after staring at their booth and awesome products for a couple days, we decided to go over to meet them. They were great guys and were selling some really cool libertarian and crypto hats, pins, stickers, and other apparel items that stood out from traditional products. When DFN recently caught up with them, they discussed the goals of their company.

“The main goal of Human Action is having a business that is spreading a message of liberty while being profitable enough for us to do it full time. We have some lofty goals for all that would entail, but it keeps us entertained and feels like a purposeful cause”.

They also discussed their motivation to take a different approach to merchandising in the libertarian and cryptocurrency space.

“I [Josh] was continually complaining to my roommate [Brendon] about how bland libertarian branding was. Like we have this amazing rebellious anti-government ideology but everyone just associates us with neo-conservatives. I think part of that reason is because we have this dad-brand marketing and we want to remove that!”

They also give back to others promoting libertarian ideology and cryptocurrencies in their own way, such as the Free Ross foundation, Naomi Brockwell, and Carey Wedler of Anti-Media.

Accepting cryptocurrencies as a business

They discussed how when they first started Human Action that they knew a little about cryptocurrencies, but still only took fiat. However, after a couple months they began exploring crypto more in-depth and began to accept cryptocurrencies.

“It just became obvious to us to include cryptocurrency, not just accepting it but integrating it into the clothing too.”

At first, they only took Bitcoin and had customers message them if they wanted to pay in crypto and Josh and Brendon would send the buyer a payment request. Now, they have an automated system to accept many cryptocurrencies including Dash.

Dash Force News asked the Human Action team about their merchant experience at Porcfest, which is a large annual libertarian festival in northern New Hampshire, of which Dash was the main sponsor this year. Josh and Brendon mentioned how libertarians and cryptocurrency users tend to overlap, especially at Porcfest, so they were not able to discern what type of buyers they had. Although, they did say that they had some customers that exclusively bought cryptocurrency apparel. They noted that their fiat-to-cryptocurrency payment split is typically 80% / 20%, but at Porcfest, their cryptocurrency payments increased 100% to a split of 60% / 40%, approximately.

Josh’s hypothesis was that “people are a little burned from the last ATH so they wanted to hodl their crypto, otherwise [he thought] it would’ve been a lot more crypto”. Josh did mentioned that of all their cryptocurrency payments, Dash was the main cryptocurrency of choice by customers. As for Dash sponsoring the event and setting up new users with a Dash wallet and some complimentary Dash, Josh had some excited words.

“It was awesome, it is so cool how the block reward has given Dash the ability to do things like this!”

Dash is helping merchants succeed

Since Dash is able to maintain consistently low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, and security, Dash is ideal for merchants that need to be able to accept payments from customers quickly and confidently without sacrificing revenue on their end or passing the costs onto their customers. Josh pointed out how the 10% block rewards that goes to the treasury fund “has huge implications for how we think about business and is a template for how voluntary societies could work” along with making a cryptocurrency functional for everyday transactions. Josh further elaborated that because of its unique structure, “Dash is really set up for adoption, I mean who else is set up like Dash? It is a night and day difference.”

The unique structure of Dash and the Dash community has enabled Dash to be usable in everyday transactions, which is the original goal of a peer-to-peer digital currency to avoid monetary manipulation and excessive fees. In addition, the Dash treasury system enables professionally paid development and outreach to help grow Dash and onboard new users that are not familiar with cryptocurrencies. These features allow Dash to be very user friendly, which is integral for large scale adoption.