Great news readers! We are expanding our Dash Force News editorial team. From next week forward Joe Moraca will be publishing 2 weekly proposal updates on previously funded proposals.

There has been lots of interest from the Masternode community to provide an effective solution to follow up on individual/s that have received funding for proposals.

It is essential to our governance and treasury model that we hold owners of passing proposals fully accountable for the funding they receive from the Dash DAO.

Dash Force News believes we have established the perfect platform to publish informative researched reporting on successful proposal owners that have received treasury funding.

Joe has already completed and published 2 well received proposal follow-ups on Dash Force News on ATM proposals  and also DashPay POS.

The Dash Force Team strongly felt that Joe is the right man for the job based on his performance and attention to detail in his 2 previous articles mentioned above. The Dash Force team is passionate about fair and balanced representation and we will endeavour to reach out to proposal owners before passing any form of judgement or review in our publication. It is our duty to serve the Dash community and the Dash Force News team is committed to being the most trustworthy news resource on Dash.

I reached out to Joe to ask him why he was so passionate about taking on this new role.

With many years of project management experience I have learned that you have to follow the full life cycle of projects to really know how well they worked out.  The Dash treasury is a pretty new way to fund projects and is learning by doing.  It has mostly focused on the “horse race” aspect of projects – will it get enough votes to win.  Now there are enough projects in the last year to see that there are lessons to be learned by tracking what happens after the funding.

I have a background of working with Drupal (CMS) a vibrant open source community.  So when I started getting involved with crypto currencies and found Dash I was just naturally attracted to the great community.  I dove in and started reading everything I could find about Dash and then one day Dash Force News popped up and I saw a “professional” news magazine focused on Dash – it was impressive and I wanted to contribute.

We hope our readership and growing Dash community will welcome Joe with open arms and be supportive of his future efforts.

Welcome to the team Joe.