Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Blake Chamness about his Dash Bus Tour proposal currently up for voting. Last week I was intrigued by the photos of Blake’s Dash branded 1969 VW campervan showing up on my Twitter feed. So curiousity got the best of me and I reached out to Blake to learn more about his proposal.

With only 6 days left to vote on proposals for this treasury current cycle I tried to extract as much information and detail out of Blake as I could for Masternode Owners to decide the fate of the proposal.

The interview starts off by asking about who Blake is and what the Dash Bus Tour proposal is about. We learn about the locations he plans to visit and what his plan of action is on how he intends to engage with the public and spread the good gospel of all things Dash. In addition to the Dash branded VW campervan, Blake is having 85 Dash t-shirts printed and will be handing out Dash flyers to the people and businesses he meets on his Dash adventure.

Blake seems very passionate and committed to the Dash cause and after the video interview we had a healthy discussion on what features we admired about Dash in comparison to the competition.  I hope the Dash community will find this video interview to be informative. I sincerely hope Blake’s proposal will inspire and encourage others to take action and promote Dash to their communitites and local businesses. I’ve always said the strong community is the backbone to Dash and is our best asset. Now it’s just up to Masternodes to vote on the Dash Bus Tour proposal.