Last week in the Dash Nation Slack channel I saw a number of uploaded photos promoting and advertising Dash on billboards, Dash bus graphics plus people handing out Dash flyers to passing cars in the street. In addition to multiple photos of a Dash meet-up event with presentations and guest speakers. I was already familiar with the Bitcuners name as I have seen their proposals on the Dash treasury previously. However I always understood them to be a coffee based meet-up group based in Cancun, Mexico. So when I saw these fantastic photos promoting Dash uploaded I immediately got in contact with JZA Bitcuners proposal owner to ask a few questions to learn more about their operation.

What is Bitcuners and how did it get started?

Bitcuners is a crypto user group meet-up based in Cancun that was founded in 2013. I come from the Linux User Group meet-up culture. We have a technology and entrepreneurship group called Tequila Valley Cancun and slowly people from the group started gyrating towards cryptocurrencies until we started a ‘Child Group’ specifically aimed at cryptocurrencies.

When did you first learn about Dash?

Back in 2014 at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Mexico City, we met Daniel Diaz and Evan Duffield from the Core team. We were very interested in the technology. Also crypto related podcasts announced the name change from Darkcoin to Dash.

What do you like about Dash?

I like the Dash community, it’s very active and positive. Also the stability of the price is pretty resilient regarding fluctuations in general.

How is Bitcuners promoting Dash?

We started with the idea of participating on the treasury and the best idea we could come up with was the sponsorship of our weekly meet-ups. By refunding the groups food and drinks we’re able to get Dash in people’s hands from the first day. Before it took them up to 3 weeks for them to get into any cryptocurrency, now all they need to do is buy a drink.

Are you working on any new plans or future projects?

Yes we have some ideas, we really want to make it easier for people to get Dash straight from their local currency. A fiat gateway would be amazing for this. We’re also thinking about maybe having a Dash ATM in town. Finally we want to organize more outreach meet-up groups in Latin America, maybe doing Columbia, Argentina and Panama moving towards international evangelism.

How can the Dash community contact you or find out more information about Bitcunners?

Our website and we also have our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.