The iOS and Android version of the Dash Wallet gets a major upgrade with many new features including preparing users for version 0.13 and its enhanced benefits.

[tweet align=’right’] The most major improvement for both the iOS and Android version is the preparation for v0.13 since that upgrade brings new features to Dash such as automatic InstantSend, special transactions, deterministic masternode lists, and more. Quantumexplorer, mobile lead developer, explained in detail what exactly these developments mean.

“This means that they include support for BLS signatures, special transactions, deterministic Masternode list, and instant send receiving. We have been busy, in this version though the only user facing major feature is instant send receiving, but there will be much more to come as we have just finished laying the ground work that make features now possible on SPV clients (see DIP4).”

Some of the other improvements include a better sourcing of prices since, previously, “there would be a 1% price difference between iOS and android as users would sometimes feel cheated”. Now, the new “release aims to solve the problem by having Android and iOS logic the same” and also better aligned with the Spark POS system, which helped create the price alignment. Another improvement is fingerprint recognition to allow users to skip the tedious step of have to unlock their wallet via a passcode every time they want to check their balance or send/receive a transaction. Sam Barbosa, android developer, also highlighted a support improvement so “support emails sent from the app will now be sent to the DCG support team instead of directly to a developer”, to aid efficiency of solutions.

Additionally, there was a bug fix for the Uphold integration login that was causing issues for some users. Sam outlined this fix.

“The Uphold integration was using a embedded WebView for user authentication, Uphold introduced a new step in their login process that requires the user to click on a link, and that link wouldn’t open inside the WebView. So we replaced the webview with Chrome custom tabs (when Chrome is available) or we’ll open user’s default browser for the login process when Chrome is not available.”

Enhancing Dash wallet services for the future

Another aspect that quantumexplorer detailed was that by preparing the wallet for the v0.13 upgrade, the mobile wallet will now be able to handle all of the features that were on the core desktop wallet. This includes PrivateSend, but still requires more overhaul until it is consumer ready.

“Now all features feasible on core are now also doable on spv wallets, though sometimes they need to be re-engineered (in the case of Private Send). Our big focus now is going to be to support dashpay in evolution which is made possible by this release. Initially this will mean having a contacts list and user data within the apps itself. We also will be bringing the UI of iOS and Android closer together.”

Quantumexplorer also outlined how the new iOS release will allow users to switch between mainnet and testnet from within the app since the new framework supports multi-chain.

“Before the logic in the app was single chain, had 2 hard coded derivation paths (bip32 and bip44), and only could support one account. This logic was part of the app. In version 2 we separated logic from the UI. Logic is now in a framework that is called DashSync-iOS that we built over the last 8 months. This framework supports multi chain (meaning it can connect to mainnet and testnet at the same time), it can have as many derivation paths as we want and can also have as many accounts. To get it released quickly we limited its feature set to the previous wallet feature set though so users will only see some marginal improvements, like in resync time. One feature we did release though is the ability to switch between testnet and mainnet from within the app.”

The team has big plans for the future as more upgrades rollout and evolution gets closer. They are working hard to ensure that they are ready to go as new demand arises.

Dash makes cryptocurrency use easier, today

Dash has recognized the need for cryptocurrency use to be easier for mass adoption to occur. Evolution and the DashPay app are going to be one way to that solution, but until that occurs, the Dash android and iOS wallets are serving an integral function. The Dash wallet is making Dash usable, today, through simple interfaces and built-in integrations like Uphold to make acquisition easier. Feature like automatic InstantSend, and possibly even PrivateSend in the near future, are putting advance features in the hands of average consumers that may not want to run a full node. These efforts take Dash a step closer to competing with traditional payment methods that simply just work all-inclusively, with little knowledge, for consumers that hold a mobile app.