Liberty Forum, a Dash-sponsored event, saw over 80 new Dash users, over a quarter of attendees, many of whom spent their Dash at the event.

The New Hampshire Liberty Forum, a yearly event held by the Free State Project, was sponsored by Dash treasury proposal this year. The venue had just stopped accepting Bitcoin payments for tickets for the first time in seven years, and went Dash exclusive. The two top sponsors of the event were Dash and Anypay, a cryptocurrency-only point-of-sale system that defaults to Dash, and is used by many of the dozens of Dash-accepting businesses in the region.

Dash sponsored the event, as well as both coffee breaks, spoke three times (one micro-keynote presentation, one appearance on the cryptocurrency panel, and one longer breakout session on Dash Evolution), and hosted two off-site dinners at a local pub that accepted Dash payments.

80 new Dash users given $20 of Dash, many existing users turned away

The on-site Dash team, in addition to educating conference goers and distributing promotional material, also set up 80 new users with their first Dash wallet, as well as $20 worth of Dash each. This equaled about 25% of the entirety of the conference’s attendees, which was reportedly slightly over 300 total. They were then directed to vendors in the space, most of whom accepted Dash as payment. Additionally, nearly 100 Dash-Liberty Forum co-branded t-shirts were given out on the last day of the conference.

The event contained a high rate of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, many of whom already owned Dash, and as such were turned away from receiving their first wallet and spending money. During the cryptocurrency panel, an informal poll of the roughly 100 people in attendance indicated that about half were Dash users. This information was corroborated by informal gauging of attendees at the Dash table, based on how many new Dash users were set up and how many present users were kindly turned away. Therefore, a rough estimate of half of the conference’s attendees finished the event as Dash users. Many of these had the opportunity to spend Dash in a real-time merchant environment.

Dash the preferred method of payment

According to several sources, Dash was an overwhelming favorite as a means of payment in the vendor area. Rodger Paxton, the co-producer for PorcFest XV (the much larger companion event to Liberty Forum), attested that most of the event’s initial ticket sales were performed in Dash:

“Dash was by far the most popular form of payment for PorcFest tickets during our Early Bird sale at Liberty Forum this weekend. It was also the easiest for our customers to use.”

Several vendors also reported similar results. According to Shire Soaps owner Hershel Nunez, Dash had a dominant presence at the event, and was the favorite choice of currency for purchases:

Dash is obviously the preferred cryptocurrency of New Hampshire, as was present at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2018 business conference. Dash, as a prime sponsor of the event, did a wonderful job introducing the Dash ecosystem to the conference attendees. As an exhibitor myself, and as a huge proponent of the Dash network, we were thrilled at the buzz that was created by [on-site Dash representative] Joël and his team. They gave away $20 Dash wallets, assisting folks with setup. It was crazy cool!! We also branded all of our items with the “Dash Accepted here” logos so each attendee would know YES we prefer Dash!!”

Once uploaded, videos of presentations and panel appearances will be included as well