I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Karen Hsu of BlockchainIntel, a company conducting blockchain analysis for the purposes of risk scoring transactions, detecting fraud, and avoiding theft. BlockchainIntel recently partnered with Dash to assist in analyzing the blockchain for exchanges to be able to accurately assess the risk of accepting certain transactions, potentially opening the door to new integrations from services previously wary of Dash and its advanced privacy features.

We talked about Bitcoin vs. Dash privacy, and how Bitcoin actually has a higher percentage of usage in darknet markets and whose transactions are more often mixed. We also covered what blockchain analysis can and can’t do, and the difference between personally identifying individuals and their financial activity and simply watching for movements that can be associated with illicit activity. Finally, we touched on cryptocurrency tax reporting, and what old-school users can do if they acquired most of their coins prior to having any kind of a reasonable paper trail to prove where they came from.

The interview is available in full above.