MoreFrom, the UK based and multi-award-winning IT and office product independent retailer, will now enable consumers to make purchases via Dash and other cryptocurrencies thanks to a partnership with Utrust.

[tweet align=’left’] MoreFrom sells over 200,000 products from over 600 brands in the computing, gaming, electrical, office and phones sectors and has won numerous awards going back more than a decade from various review website. In the announcement, Utrust highlights its ability to offer MoreFrom the ability to have greater security and convenience through cryptocurrency payments, as well as lower processing fees and eliminating chargebacks. Chris Wheater, MD of MoreFrom, discussed how accepting cryptocurrencies is just an natural extension of their growth:

“Cryptocurrency payments mark the next frontier in the evolution of the consumer electronics market as consumers demand the highest level of security and efficiency when paying for hardware. Thanks to Utrust, MoreFrom remains at the forefront of the industry introducing cryptocurrency payments to provide the best possible buyer experience for our consumers.”

Further, Utrust’s CEO, Nuno Correia, added that the integration will improve “the standard of buyer protection and ultimately customer satisfaction” and is very important considering that “the UK consumer electronics market projected to reach over €19 billion in 2020, and the UK gaming market expected to be worth £5.2 billion by 2021”.

Dash’s growth through large payment processors rather than individual merchants

The MoreFrom integration represents Dash’s amended strategy to target larger payment processors rather than focusing on individual merchants. In October, Utrust first integrated Dash and enabled their first partner, Whow Games, to accept Dash. Utrust was able to provide significant benefits to Whow Games since the online gaming industry suffers significantly from chargebacks. Other merchant solution providers like Salamantex, AnyPay, Cryptobuyer, and more have enabled numerous other merchants to integrate Dash since their point-of-sale system provides the merchants with the necessary business productivity integrations that they want. While a cryptocurrency wallet might provide everything needed to simply exchange money, businesses require additional features that blockchain development organizations are not going to prioritize since its not a core functionality for the cryptocurrency.

Dash working on smaller grassroots adoption as well

The Dash community started its adoption push by focusing on direct merchant adoption via a cryptocurrency wallet or a basic point-of-sale solution, such as that which was seen in Venezuela. However, Dash has now diversified its adoption techniques by focusing on both direct adoption and merchant solution integrations that will then do the extra work to create added value that will further incentivize a merchant to adopt cryptocurrency. Having both strategies will help ensure that whichever method works best for each merchant is implemented and optimizes the chance of higher merchant adoption rates of Dash.