In an effort to bolster the privacy and fungibility of the Dash economy, the Dash Force has launched #MixingMondays.

We will encourage the Dash community to PrivateSend mix their funds every Monday, and adopt the hashtag #MixingMondays. In addition, Dash Force members will be mixing their own funds during this time. The result will be a faster mixing process for all involved, as well as a more fungible and private overall coin supply.

PrivateSend renders transactions untraceable

PrivateSend is a function of Dash that improves the privacy of transactions. Masternodes match separate users anonymously and mix their coin supplies, making the history of PrivateSend transactions a complete jumbled mess. This makes it impossible to determine the true origin of transactions, making them completely private. Despite a longstanding challenge to competitors, PrivateSend has never been broken.

Mixing is good for the whole ecosystem

The second benefit of PrivateSend is that it improves the fungibility of Dash as a whole, even transactions that have not been deliberately anonymized. Fungibility refers to one unit of currency being the same as another equal unit. A coin’s history may make its value higher or lower. Mixing effectively erases this history, and every mixing event provides a break in transaction history. The more of these breaks exist, the more fungible the coin supply is as a whole, meaning you don’t have to worry about being tied to some past transaction.