As Dash Force International Outreach Director I’m proud to announce that starting in June Dash Force will be launching our first outreach project Dash Force China.

Dash Force News launched on 17th April and has been running for over 6 weeks now. I wish to build upon this success.  I give my thanks to all those who continue to visit the website and that have shown Dash Force support. My initial long term plan when I created the website was always to make Dash Force News a multi-language news source for Dash. This has not changed. However we are young and need to gradually build upon this integrating different languages one step at a time in a staged approach to ensure quality and deliver the results the community expects and deserves.

My main objective is to establish new and build upon existing Dash communities on an International level providing a foundation and source material to encourage organic grass roots growth to secure longevity and ultimately build strong communities.

It is paramount for Dash Force to proceed utilising targeted research and data information for each language based on each specific location/community in a methodical planned process.

One thing I have learnt from my discussions with existing Dash translators and direct communications with the Dash International community is that there is no one size fits all outreach solution that specifically caters to each of the needs culture wise and community wise.

Dash Force is funded by the Dash DAO so this International Outreach is essentially a community based project. I want to assure Masternode Owners and the Dash community I take pride in my role and I want to deliver results with an outlook to achieve Dash mass adoption at a global level.

So why China first?….  

China is really unique in in terms of International Outreach and requires the most attention to detail, however it also has the most economical potential for Dash as well. 

China requires an exclusive strategy and approach accurately tailored to Chinese audience due to Chinese government restrictions on external web links and social networking platforms etc. A custom outreach solution is needed in order to succeed.

The situation in China is far more complex than I had originally first thought. For example a new website build inside the “Great Firewall of China” requires a registered Chinese company permit to apply for a license before being able to host a website. The marketing approach and Dash real world application use is also a very different approach in China. Current restrictions mean they cannot use Dash for purchases as no vendors currently accept Dash in mainland China. There is only one real exchange that currently offers Dash BTC38. However the government has put strict restrictions on exchanges so the government is notified of all transactions in and out of exchange.

Many people in China currently have their cryptocurrency balances locked on leading exchanges such as BTCC unable to remove funds as I write this. China is also looking to expand its government-launched payments system CIPS (Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System) for cross-border Renminbi (RMB) payments. However more importantly internally inside China there are already widely used instant payments mobile app solutions with tiny and no fees! These apps such as Alipay and Wechat Pay are mainstream which allows Chinese Yuan to be sent in instant time for free within China borders.

Dash is seen more as a long term investment. Mining is more popular not because electricity is cheaper, it’s purely because the government knows all your details with any Dash purchased or traded on exchanges. I’ve been informed that trust in exchanges is at an all-time low right now. So to personally mine and send Dash straight to your wallet is the preferred method of choice. There are cloud mining solutions available but “apparently” the companies involved are in cohoots with government contracts in order to get access to cheap electricity. So trust is the issue here once again.

There are already a few pre-exisitng Dash communities with a certain one including up to 40 Masternode Owners which I was very happy to learn about. Also one individual in particular personally owns up to 40 masternodes!

China really is cut off from the outside world. Not just social media, it’s pretty much everything! Even when I Skype my contacts they have to keep switching IP address using VPN services to enable communication so I always have to pre-arrange times and dates in advance in order to successfully communicate with them.

Over 60% of social media users use an anonymous alias on all social network profiles due to restrictive censorship nature in China. It’s a much less open front facing community. Due to the China one child policy (phased out in 2015) social media has been reported to play a much larger role in daily life than its Western counterparts.

Translating official Dash wiki guides and press releases unfortunately just doesn’t resonate with Chinese audiences to full effect. I believe Dash Force has a great opportunity here to make a real difference. Sadly the small selection of Amanda’s videos translated on Youku (Chinese YouTube) holds not much weight or relevance to Chinese audience and just simply doesn’t appeal to them.

I’ve put in a lot of hard work and hours with countless Skype calls with both Core team and with our new Dash Force China associates to discuss and formulate the best plan of action that will yield the highest results possible in terms of performance with the allocated budget allowance. I have spoken and listened to advice from all parties on best way to proceed.

It is essential that Dash Force complement and add to previous and ongoing China outreach efforts from Core. I will remain in close communication with Tungfa and the Dash Core China Ambassadors on working together on a united front.

I’m very excited about this Dash Force China outreach operation. I can’t wait to launch and eager to get to work. I have tried to put in as much leg work as possible before presenting the Dash community with the following details. Please take a look below at the plan of action. Once I have the first months raw data and direct feedback from Chinese Dash community I can make a more logical decision based on factual statistics and not suggestions on best way to expand operation. Once the community foundation is set and we have an audience, I hope to encourage Dash contests, meetups and community based projects within China.

I hope you all will see the true value, importance and potential of this initiative. Dash Force is stepping up and increasing its efforts to put Dash on the map. I look forward to bringing you more Dash Force China related news in the coming weeks and months and introducing the team. On behalf of the Dash Force team I hope we can count on your continued support.