Dash has sponsored an airdrop of 1,000 Dash to customers of the Huobi Pro exchange.

The Chinese exchange added Dash trading pairs earlier last month. Around that time the exchange also submitted a proposal to fund an airdrop of Dash to present customers:

“We will air drop Dash to all our bitcoin and litecoin traders, encourage them by this to use Dash, experience the Speed, try it out and see the difference in Dash and its technology. We will launch promotions to introduce Dash to our users and make them well aware and educated in Dash.”

Huobi has a relatively lengthy history in the cryptocurrency exchange world and is ranked as one of the largest, coming in at 11th place for 24-hour trading volume. The addition of Dash has the potential to solidify its global rankings as a top cryptocurrency:

“Since Huobi is one of the largest exchanges in China and we’ve been operated for four years, we own great reputation in digital asset industry. Listing Dash on our exchange will definitely increase the popularity and liquidity of Dash in China, even the world.”

Frustration with Bitcoin has led Dash to become a more attractive option

According to Huobi, Dash has a very strong potential for future growth, especially in contrast with Bitcoin’s divided community and inefficient transactions:

“Bitcoin’s community has been struggling about the block size expansion for several years. But Dash community is very solid and united. We think a cryptocurrency with such team backup can only get better and bigger in the long run. Bitcoin is just the first cryptocurrency like BTCChina, which was the first exchange in China. But BTCChina has almost vanished in the Chinese market. We think Dash has a great opportunity to surpass Bitcoin, Huobi Pro will have a win-win cooperation with Dash and wants to be part of that push forward.”

This bullishness may indicate a realization that Bitcoin has fundamentally changed from its initial value proposition as an efficient means of payment and value transfer. Dash is focused on serving as a superior form of digital cash, and has the potential to inherit this demand initially captured by Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency as a whole is on a tear

Digital currencies have performed exceptionally well recently. The combined value of all cryptocurrencies recently exceeded $500 billion, breaking the half-trillion mark to set a new, and rapidly gained, all-time high. This has led many pundits to claim that cryptocurrency is in a bubble, while the field still remains in its relative infancy.