Video repost of interview with Todd Rowan CEO of on how you can shop, save money and get rewarded in Dash at more than 7000+ merchants such as Walmart, Nike, Lowes, Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Game Stop & more!

⏱ Question TimeStamps:

🚩 00:29 What is
🚩 01:07 Can you explain the step by step process of how to use to earn Dash?
🚩 02:42 How many users do you currently have registered on your platform & what are the top performing merchants?
🚩 04:36 Why did you decide to partner with Dash over the competition?
🚩 06:26 What is the advantage of earning Dash over receiving loyalty points?
🚩 08:22 How does the Share a link option work?
🚩 10:22 Can you search for products as well?
🚩 12:32 What are future plans, new merchants etc?
🚩 13:32 Where can people go to find the latest information?