NuMundo, a global decentralized network of holistic lodging and experience centers, has integrated Dash for payments.

Founded in 2013, NuMundo is a hospitality and experience network focusing on transformational travel, bringing integrated living and educational experiences focused on holistic living to guests around the world. The network currently consists of 800 different centers in over 100 countries, and serves over 120,000 unique users annually. Guests can participate in immersive experiences at permaculture farms, retreat centers, ecovillages, and other similar locations.

According to co-founder David Casey, Dash was integrated because of its community’s shared values as well as its technological innovations, which may inspire some of NuMundo’s own technology:

“We like Dash’s focus on Latin America, which is also where we are focused on growing. We like Dash’s approach to focusing as a means of exchange/cross-border transaction currency with low fees and fast confirmation times, as these serve real needs for users in our network. We love the masternode governance and budgeting system of Dash, and we want to learn from it and apply components of it to NuMundo’s own token, NuCoin (currently in development). And from the folks we have connected with in the Dash community, we have found that we identify with those folks based on common interests and values like self-sufficiency, homesteading, off-grid living, etc.”

NuMundo accepts payments in several different cryptocurrencies, with Dash as the latest addition, together comprising roughly 3% of bookings and transactions on the platform.

What is NuMundo? from NuMundo on Vimeo.

Dash as a solution to problems facing Latin America and the unbanked/debanked

Casey believes that Dash can serve as a viable solution to several financial challenges affecting Latin America and the developing world, as well as those around the world who suffer from lack of access to the financial system:

“I see Dash as a very viable solution to a few related issues:
1) banking the unbanked and giving universal access to the financial system, especially in places like LatAm and Africa;
2) providing a low-cost, fast solution to both local and international transactions as an alternative to relatively expensive services like Visa, Moneygram, wire transfers, etc.;
3) providing a hedge/store of value against inflationary fiat currencies in places like Venezuela, Argentina, Nicaragua, etc.”

Dash maintains a strong focus on both serving as an everyday means of payments for those without access to banking services, and on the Latin America region in particular. According to Dash merchant listing site Discover Dash, around half of Dash’s known merchants are located in Latin America, with significant concentrations in Venezuela and Colombia. Recent transaction analysis also shows a higher degree of in-person regular use in this region, while major chains in the region have begun accepting Dash, with new tools for cross-border payments on minimal technology have been developed.

Another extension into the ultimate goal of living 100% off Dash

The addition of Dash to NuMundo further expands options to travel and live completely off of Dash. Because of the platform’s integrated approach of pre-paying for experiences after which all expenses are covered, users can live in over 100 countries in the NuMundo network using Dash without needing to use fiat currency. Services like CheapAir allow for travel paid entirely in Dash, and the Discover Dash mobile app facilitates the discovery of nearby Dash-accepting merchants anywhere in the world. Finally, thanks to a new partnership with eGifter, users can use Dash to buy discounted gift cards to a wide variety of popular retailers directly on the main website.