Dash Embassy D-A-CH recently got Herosphere, an online gaming and betting platform, to integrate Dash so users can easily acquire their HERO coin to place bets.

“With our team based in Austria we set out to create a platform with the goal of bringing back fun & joy to betting by allowing people to challenge their friends, family and colleagues on various esports events. When at the same time the esports market started to rapidly grow, we decided to focus our resources on contests around Dota2, LoL and CS:GO on our own platform”

The platform currently has over 260,000 registered users, over 120,000 newsletter subscribers, and currently supports three games. The platform incentivizes betting since “1% of all pots played is given back to all token holders” and incentivizes game creation by allocating creators their own reward. By utilizing this strategy, they hope to eliminate bookmakers to allow more money to stay with users and players. This design was then enhanced with the Dash integration.

“Dash is a great cryptocurrency for payments with its anonymous, quick and secure transactions. Since those core values are the same ones for our users it was an obvious step to work together with Dash. Every user can swap his DASH token to HEROcoin directly on herosphere.gg within seconds. Moreover, as everybody is completely in possession and charge of his private key further trades can be handled at free discretion. We take pride in never having full control over users funds from the moment those funds arrive at the users wallet until they are sent elsewhere by the user – as one would expect from a truly decentralized provider.”

Making peer-to-peer applications achievable

Most of the reasons for middlemen in betting and other sectors was originally due to communication and education issues decades ago, but they now largely remain in place due to government mandated regulations. Cryptocurrencies help individuals circumnavigate these mandated positions that reduce the surplus for the other parties involved. Nevertheless, regulations are still a real-world constraint that has to be faced and Herosphere has worked with legal counsel so they can operate “under a clear legal framework” in Austria.

While other cryptocurrencies and tokens are attempting similar strategies to disrupt other sectors, they still run into difficulties by having to make their peer-to-peer platform easily accessible. Many operate via obscure tokens that can only be acquired on obscure exchanges, which is a barrier to entry. This is antithetical to the goals of cryptocurrency so Herosphere makes their platform provide real added value to consumers by utilizing the HERO token, which is now easily available to consumers via Dash.

Dash strives for real-world applications

Dash wants to become digital cash and is achieving this via merchant integrations that now total over 4,800 around the world. This also includes integrating into systems to give consumers more spendable options, which further aids general cryptocurrency adoption since consumers will have more confidence that their labor will be convertible into spendable income. The integration of Dash will not only enable individuals to have easier access to the Herosphere platform, but also enable winners and content creators to be able to easily convert their labor into Dash and make everyday purchases for themselves around the world.

Additionally, Dash is working towards the release of Evolution and its ability to offer a DApps platform where users can create their own cryptocurrency applications. These innovations further help complete the adoption loop since consumers and merchants are able to use Dash to easily access multiple applications, as well as to make their daily, necessary purchases.