HBPay – Dash Point-of-Sale (POS) system  was designed for use with food trucks. But it can be used with any type of products.  HBPay seems good for any small vendor looking for a mobile application where you have access to internet.  This short video shows how the system works.

HBPay consists of a server component that handles the backend registration, store setup and wallet processing and a store display device (android tablet) to use as the actual POS unit. Customers use their mobile wallets to make payments in Dash.

From seeing the links in the dash.org forum posting I followed the directions and setup a store on the testnet version of HBPay with no special help. The server registration and store setup was very easy.  You just hit each menu item and fill in the requested information. The merchant code ties the pieces together – you need it to register your mobile device and can optionally register on Telegram to get notifications.

Setup information for your store.

It is pretty easy to setup products in the store.  Under settings you can pick which of 6 major fiat currencies you want to use.

You can add your products with pricing in any 6 current fiat currencies.

Once the store is created on the server you connect your store device (android tablet) using the merchant code and then download the product and pricing information.

Setup of the tablet to be used in the store.


This is what you see on the store tablet – you just add what you want for the sale and click on the “pay with Dash” button – up comes a QR code for the customer to scan.

product display / shopping cart


Once the customer scans the QR code you quickly get notice the payment was received.

Payment request and receipt.

Getting notifications from Telegram for each transaction is optional but simple and useful.  There is also a “transactions” screen on the server that shows a transaction list with the details for each available.

Optional telegram notifications.

The Good:

  • The system is very easy to setup and use.  There would need to be very little staff training.
  • It works with very basic hardware – I tested on a 4 year old android tablet.
  • There are plans to open source the system.

The Less Good (but acceptable to me for small transactions):

  • System is Dash only for payments it doesn’t handle cash or credit. (Vendor would use their existing system.)
  • There is a 1% service fee – which is much cheaper than paypal or credit card systems.
  • HBPay payment processor (automated system which receives the payment and later forwards the settlement to the Merchant’s wallet) is Dash only – there is no way to go from Dash to local fiat currency – which would be very hard due to government regulations.
  • Depends on a relatively unknown third party to run the server. This is a limited risk as they provide a 30 minute settlement time so your risk is limited to the value of 30 minutes worth of transactions.

This system was designed to be used with this pre-proposal Dash & HBPay Adoption @ Foodtruck Bazaar at Anggerik Mall, Shah Alam, Malaysia created by Jamalulkhair Khairedin.  The actual proposal has not yet been submitted. Jamalulkhair has smartly revised it a few times based on comments and feedback.  The team has showed that they have the talent and resources to build a good software product well in advance of the requested funding.  The project is very well documented with a lot of thought and research going into it.

I asked about his involvement in crypto currency / Dash.

Involvement wise, I’m relatively new to crypto currency and Dash. I’m aware about Bitcoin as early as 2012 but I’m not convinced that it is something I would like to focus on. Only in January 2017 I was in a situation where I needed to send immediate money to my relative in a neighboring country via Telegraphic Transfer (TT). The amount is relatively small but I wasted the whole day queuing at the bank, gathering all private/personal information of both parties, and going through the whole tedious and lengthy process and documentations. This is when I started to rethink about the benefit propositions of cryptocurrency, and I start advocating Bitcoin since then.

I first heard about Dash through “The Cryptoverse” youtube channel by Chris Conney, but the exact moment I got hooked with Dash was watching video from Anarchapulco.