The Dash wallet by Hash Engineering is a Dash-only wallet funded by the Dash treasury. It shows up as “Dash Wallet” in the Play Store.


The wallet has standard send and receive features, including an address book with a copy/paste address feature (but no manual entry), as well as a handy paper wallet sweeping feature. It also has more advanced user features such as a network monitor, connectivity indicator, trusted peer settings, etc.

Most notably, the Hash Engineering wallet has InstantSend functionality, perhaps the only mobile wallet to support this feature at present. This means that the user can carry their funds with them and pay anywhere with instant confirmations.

User interface

Usability The Hash Engineering wallet is one of the most easily usable available. It has no setup and can be downloaded and used right away. It works very quickly and smoothly, with transaction history and send/receive buttons all on the first screen. A receiving QR code is easily accessible, and sending is streamlined as well. Notably, transaction fees are not immediately presented but are easily adjusted, and InstantSend is enabled with a simple checkbox.

Design A pretty, sleek-looking interface is not one of this wallet’s strong points. It has a simple, “old-school Dash” blue and white design reminiscent of the Core desktop wallet. Not the most sizzle, but it’s workable and easy to use.


The wallet is usable instantly without additional security features, and all funds are stored on the device itself. However, it includes options for both password and pin protection, as well as a backup option. Rather than a recovery seed that can be written down, the device must be connected to external storage for backup. This adds an extra step for backups, reducing the chance that users will do so.

Unlike most wallets that either neglect to mention security or simply say “back up your wallet,” the Hash Engineering wallet gives detailed safety notes, including backup directions and implications for not doing so. This makes it easier for newbies to be responsible.


Support for this wallet is very strong. Bugs are easily reported, and further assistance is easily found in the #dash_support_desk channel of the Dash Nation Slack, with prompt and useful responses.


Pros: InstantSend functionality, easy and streamlined user experience perfect for non-technical users, additional functionality for advanced users.

Cons: Relatively bare-bones design, no easy recover seed