A new poll shows that most Europeans are bullish on cryptocurrency as a whole, yet relatively pessimistic about Bitcoin’s future.

According to a new Google survey of 10,000 Europeans in ten different countries in the region conducted by BitFlyer, The clear majority, 63%, of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies will still exist within a decade, ranging from 55% to 73% depending on the country. As far as Bitcoin specifically making it through the decade, however, the results were more pessimistic at an average of 49%, ranging from 40% to 55%. The disparity between the optimism rates for cryptocurrency as a whole vs. for Bitcoin specifically seem to correlate fairly consistently across countries polled.

Norway and Italy poll on top of the crypto bandwagon

Among the countries polled in the BitFlyer survey, the top-ranked country most optimistic about cryptocurrency was Norway with a commanding lead at 73%. Second on this list was Italy, at 68%. Italy also ranked top in belief in Bitcoin specifically with 55%, however Norway ranked in the middle of the list with 50%. UK and France both ranked at the bottom two slots on the list with 57% and 55% respectively for cryptocurrency as a whole, and 43% and 40% respectively for Bitcoin specifically.

According to Dash merchant listing site Discover Dash, Norway’s known Dash merchant adoption rates are not high, with three known merchants in the country. Italy claims 24 locations, including several ATMs. Paradoxically, the United Kingdom claims a higher number of known Dash merchants with 72, while France claims 123 locations, mostly due to the addition of DigyCode physical locations where customers can buy Dash.

Dash’s strong inroads into Europe

Dash’s community has made strong overtures into Europe, with the Dash Embassy DACH focusing on business development and outreach in the German-speaking countries of the continent. Recently, the largest P2P cryptocurrency marketplace in the continent added Dash, significantly facilitating the process and prospect of acquiring the currency for local residents. At time of writing, Europe claims nearly 900 merchants listed on Discover Dash.