A partnership with Anypay has enabled gift card service eGifter to integrate Dash payments.

Similar to early Bitcoin staple Gyft, eGifter is an app that allows you to purchase and store gift cards with cryptocurrency within a single app, opening many opportunities for users to spend cryptocurrency at major retail chains. Formerly accepting Bitcoin and a couple of other cryptocurrencies, eGifter now accepts Dash via an integration with the Anypay point-of-sale app. According to eGifter CEO Tyler Roye, Dash was added after strong demand from the community:

“We are very excited to be able to bring Dash onboard as a payment method. We’ve been bombarded with requests to accept DASH on our site, so we were anxious to join the DASH community, and Anypay made it happen quickly and easily.”

eGifter joins services such as Bitrefill and CoinCards.ca in allowing Dash users to purchase discounted gift cards to a variety of retailers. This opens up a whole new group of businesses that may not accept Dash directly, facilitating living on Dash and increasing its usefulness as a currency.

Anypay partnership onboards more merchants

The eGifter partnership represents another integration made possible by Anypay, a multi-coin point-of-sale app that has been funded by the Dash treasury to increase merchant adoption, particularly in New Hampshire. According to Anypay CEO Steven Zeiler, the partnership will significantly expand the access to products available to the Dash community:

“We are delighted to be able to connect the Dash community to millions of products and services available from the hundreds of major brands offered by eGifter.”

The Anypay team has been responsible for most of the Dash merchant adoption in the New Hampshire area, representing dozens of businesses in one of the most crypto merchant-dense areas in the world, featured on CNN for its uniqueness in the first world. Notably, last year the team onboarded a major auto dealership, allowing the local community to buy a car entirely in Dash. This adoption has been aided by Anypay’s treasury-funded proposal, which allocates funds for a “Dash-back” program, which gives customers a small refund when making purchases with Dash, incentivizing spending.

Dash adoption is on a continuous rise

Dash’s rise as a currency continued unabated by the bear market in 2018, adding thousands of new merchants and integrations around the world. At present, 4,857 Dash-accepting merchants are listed on DiscoverDash, a merchant listing site and upcoming mobile app. Of these, 2,613 are listed in Venezuela, a country experiencing severe hyperinflation and claiming several Dash-funded teams working on the ground to further adoption. Neighboring Colombia currently lists 346 merchants, with Austria, Australia, Ukraine, and Nigeria also ranking high.