In the US, where I live, today is “Black Friday” and next week has “Cyber Monday” the big day for online shopping. says:

Cyber Monday Has Become Even Bigger than Black Friday in Terms of Online Sales

Dash is at an all time high (ATH) price range so the Dash you bought a few months (or earlier) back are worth a lot more now – so spend some during this holiday season. It will help you give great gifts and it will help grow the Dash ecosystem.  I went to to look for interesting items at online stores listed there.

I found some nice artwork at Seebach Fine Art where they offer a 10% discount for Dash. I liked this drawing of an old barn.  There are also more colorful pieces if that is your preference.

For some crypto related art you can check out Cryptoart they have “interesting” stuff where it seems each piece is a paper wallet. Most items are bitcoin related.

Looking for something for the gamer in your life?  Try out Key4coin

Here is another crypto related gift.  Cryptosteel is a stainless steel casing that you can use to store those pass phrases that backup your hardware wallet.  It will last forever even buried in the back yard 😉

If anyone wants to get a Wabo Stainless Steel water bottle for me that would be great.  600ml or 20 oz is a good size for coffee or mead.

Dash has a significant number of Canadians in the community – like coingun and tao.  If you have a favorite Canadian this wine club from Misconduct Wine Co. looks like something they may enjoy.

Looking for some adventure travel?  The Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort in Nicaragua looks awesome.

Do you have that friend that is a 26 year old crypto millionaire?  Does she have an airplane?  Look at Best Tugs a new Dash vendor added by Scott Farnsworth – @DashRacer.  Move that plane around in style – you can get matching paint.


I will repeat myself, to truly make Dash digital cash we have to use it in the real world.  Enjoy the holiday season and spend some Dash at any of these fine merchants.