This month was a record setting month for the Dash Treasury Proposal system.  Over $1,500,000 in funding was allocated to 19 projects – none of which were submitted by the Dash Core team.

Funded Proposals Sept 3

Last month $850,000 in funding was provided to projects approved by the Dash Masternode owners.  This month was a 76% increase over August.

Advertising / Sponsorship

The full increase is going to one huge project – Dash GAP which was for 2,000 Dash worth $700K at the payout date.

RT/Max Keiser + Stephen Baldwin are doing 16 episodes of a new road-trip show traveling America’s heartland.

We would like DASH to sponsor and fund this trip in return for product placement + on-air and in digital. RT Network is an English-language Russian international television network, that is available in over 100 different countries, with an audience of 700 million, including 85 million in the United States.

This and most of the other projects in the advertising and sponsorship group have been discussed in my previous article Dash Advertising Proposals Review.  Notable is that the Crypto Show is getting $42K which will greatly help their hurricane relieve efforts. The proposal is sort of a joint venture between Dash and Bitcart – as Bitcart grows so does the Dash ecosystem.


Conferences are a form of sponsorship in that for most Dash is a “sponsor” for part of the event.  But I look at them separately as they are also in person networking / educational events.

Let’s connect Dash with the most influential EU decision makers: Is a major conference.  #SWITCH! – the largest international Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and entrepreneurship event in the Baltics.  19 September in the largest indoor arena (Žalgiris arena), Kaunas, Lithuania.


From the Ukrainian Dash Community there is a proposal for a general sponsorship of the International Security Exhibition 2017.

  • Focus must be on Dash as the most secure, fast and private way to make payments.
  • Dash as a payment option to purchase security software from one of the largest providers – Axxon Soft
  • Dash implementation into the first blockchain-based country- grade road security system – Smart Road
  • All invoices will be public, ready for audition and published in our forum thread



The Institute for Austrian Asset Management annual roadshow will also be sponsored by Dash.  This is a good audience as they are “asset managers” and should welcome the Digital Cash message.

What’s in it for Dash?

  • 1h slot for presentation of Dash at each event (linkedto sponsoring-fee)
  • Dash integration in event advertising in„Eigentümlich frei“ (german print-magazine with 12.000 subscribers + onlineannouncement on
  • Dash integration in event advertising in „SmartInvestor“ (german print-magazine with 7.000 subscribers + online announcement on
  • Dash integration in event email-newsletter via „IFAAM Institute“ (1.000 subscribers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
  • Dash-Infoflyer on every seat of the Venue
  • Dash-Lanyards for attendee badges


TEDxSaltLakeCity 2017 Giveaway & Meetup support:

This proposal is for the giveaway and to support those assisting at the event. Dash is the premier sponsor paying $12,000 USD to the group that runs the TEDx in SLC. About 100 people volunteer incredible amounts of time to make this happen.

Community Building

Community building is one of the most important functions for Dash.  As the Dash community grows so does the value of Dash.  We all want people to join and stay in the community and bring their skills to help out.

Dash Force (creators of this website) had a new proposal funded as did the Dash Global News and which are both projects aimed at the Spanish community.

Another notable funded project was the Dash Nation Slack Upgrade.  This is totally aimed at the current Dash community – slack is where the Dash action is 😉 – We will be transitioning to the “paid” version which will provide a full history – no more lost posts as they “scroll off” the site.

There are some meetups and videos being funded in Austin TX and Ukraine our Ukraine team has 3 funded proposals this month – I hope they can manage them all.

The Dash & HBPay Adoption @ Foodtruck Bazaar is a mixed community building and development project.  The team in Malaysia have developed a POS system reviewed here and want to use it in a local foodtruck bazaar to build up the Dash community in Malaysia.

Development Projects

The Dash Bug Bounty Project is in its last month of funding it also had the highest net vote total for the month.  The masternode voters seem to think it will provide a great benefit by having a structured outside team testing Dash’s future codebase.

Business integration into POS terminals with Microsoft Azure.  This is an addon project for our Ukraine team using the POS system developed in BUSINESS INTEGRATION INTO RETAIL SECTOR

Key points:

  • partnership with Microsoft
  • universal free software on Microsoft Azure
  • multilanguage support
  • Dash global outreach and marketing by Microsoft

Basically every single terminal in a small business (restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, cinema, gas station etc.) that has installed Windows (a vast majority) will be able to log-in into Microsoft Azure, install our software and get ready to pay with Dash.

In this way, the entire process is simplified to minimum steps which is extremely easy to maintain, especially during the further updates.


It was another exciting month for the Dash Treasury and masternode owners. Lets all hope that these projects work out to benefit the Dash community.  This is a very international set of projects spanning North America, South America, Europe and Asia.