Free Talk Live is now sponsored by the Dash masternodes and will debut Dash advertisements on tonight’s show.

A nationally-syndicated US radio show and podcast, Free Talk Live is arguably the top libertarian show on the airwaves, and has maintained a strong emphasis on cryptocurrency over the past several years. Free Talk Live approached the Dash masternode network for a sponsorship, and worked out a deal with the help of the Dash Core team to air radio ads for Dash.

A long history in the cryptocurrency field

A staple of the libertarian/anarchist/voluntaryist talk radio and podcast world for years, Free Talk Live was an early adopter of Bitcoin, with co-hosts Mark Edge and Ian Freeman maintaining early interest in and use of Bitcoin. Freeman in particular runs an aggressive cryptocurrency adoption campaign in the show’s home base of Keene, New Hampshire, and the show’s guests have included former Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen, Dash founder and senior adviser Evan Duffield, and Monero lead developer Riccardo Spagni.

According to Edge, Dash’s approach, both in having a funding model and its embrace of more traditional promotional techniques, sets it apart from an increasingly pack cryptocurrency field:

“When I discovered Dash’s built-in marketing budget, I knew immediately that this would give Dash a huge advantage over the next-generation coins. In the crypto-sphere, marketing is considered scammy or an afterthought. This is to our peril.”

Dash continues to strengthen its media game

In an increasingly competitive cryptocurrency field, Dash remains one of the projects with the most professional and active proprietary media teams, famously started with Amanda B. Johnson’s YouTube series Dash Detailed. Now, the Dash Force runs Dash Force News and will be expanding to new projects to be announced soon, while a variety of bloggers and vloggers have stepped into the space to help Dash.