The #FirstDashWallet contest has led to many new Dash users across the globe, powered by Dash incentives.

As part of her new mass market adoption initiative, Amanda B. Johnson, well-known YouTuber in the community, has launched a Facebook and Twitter hashtag, #FirstDashWallet, to encourage Dash fans to get their friends and family to get a wallet, and each out to potential new users who have been on the fence. Each person who gets a new user has been promised $20 worth of Dash for helping set someone else up with a wallet, $10 each for the poster and the new wallet owner. The contest runs until Tuesday, June 13th.

New users brought from all around the world

As a result of this move, users from all around the world are downloading a Dash wallet for the first time and participating in the contest. In particular on Twitter, the #FirstDashWallet hashtag gives way to a sea of selfies from a diverse group around the world.

Natural targets are family members, and we’ve seen parents, children, nieces, nephews, and significant others sign up for their first wallet. Coworkers have also been a common thread.

Jaxx the wallet of choice

By far the most popular choice of wallet for new users has been Jaxx, the recommended wallet in the video. This is likely because of its easy to use interface, its strong basic functionality, and its sleek and attractive look, a firm contrast between a lot of early wallets which still have a clean but basic vibe. The Jaxx “finished product” look makes it more attractive to newer users.

Another reason for the Jaxx wallet’s popularity is its availability on iPhone. There are few options available since Apple long maintained a stance against allowing Dash wallets into the App Store, previously forcing Jaxx to upload a different version. Recently, Jaxx was able to successfully re-add Dash as an option in their new app, finally providing an iPhone Dash wallet option.