The first dedicated Dash presentation in Serbia drew an unanticipated crowd and interest.

Last cycle, a proposal was passed to bring Dash to the Serbian IT community through a series of meetups in the tech sector. The first meetup, according to organizer Nebojsa Jovic, had a higher turnout than anticipated.

“A lot more. 60 people signed up on the form, then 74 actually showed up for the event.”

The event was beyond the originally planned capacity, and indicates a keen interest in the subject beyond what was originally foreseen. This success has caused Jovic to plan additional educational ventures to spread Dash:

“For November and December, I plan to submit another proposal to follow up for “plans for November and December,” which will help Dash get more interest among IT, private investors, and VC’s more open to hear about the blockchain, and Dash it self through Garage Lab, Smart City Challenge, Belgrade Venture Forum, and perhaps IT days here. Each event aiming for different community: Garage Lab – Blockchain and IoT, 3D printing; Belgrade Venture Forum – Startups, Investors, Blockchain enthusiasts; Smart City Challenge – Startups, Governance, tech enthusiasts; And of course continuous sponsorship for Startup Grind Belgrade as last month.”

Great interest generated by the meetup, beyond just Serbia

The event reflected an increased interest in Dash in the region once properly educated. Jovic used a real-time comparison with Bitcoin’s user experience to leverage interest in Dash:

“There was a moment after the event when couple of guys came to deposit some bitcoins on an ATM. I approached them and asked if they heard about Dash. They said yes, but haven’t been looking as an option. So I said: I can send you dash faster than you can get approval for depositing Bitcoin. While being processed i spoke with them. They installed wallet, I sent them some Dash, ten minutes before they got their Bitcoin confirmation. They will be joining me on next meetup.”

In addition to locally in Serbia, interest in holding Dash events has spread to other nearby regions, according to Jovic:

“One guy actually approached me to ask me if i can organize dash meetup in Macedonia, since they don’t have big crypto community about trading and investments, but have for mining. I told him that funding is open to anyone, so I don’t see why would I organize Dash meetup there when he can apply for funding too. But he insisted that I do it since i have experience with organizing events.”

Excitement about continuing to promote the spread of Dash

According to Jovic, excitement about promoting Dash in his region led him to take personal risks to submit a proposal and risk failure, despite being new to the community:

“I was excited enough that I wanted to spread the word about Dash to local community that I even risked my proposal to fail since I am new in this community and people don’t know anything about me. So I tried to give every possible information about me on the proposal, on the forum, on Slack and on [Dash Force News] 3 Amigos Afterparties.

And seeing more people on event than actually signed up is very good sign that there is big interest in cryptocurrencies here and that it is great time for Dash to make a step here by ATM implementation, making local POS terminals, people starting using it daily will have a huge head start over BTC and other coins.”

Through his involvement, Jovic sees the long-term value and future of Dash continuing to grow:

” In general, after being part of it for some time now and tracking its progress Dash became a second Bitcoin in terms of investment: Just buy never sell. And knowing that Evolution is around a corner I know that Dash has bright future.”