A scam site is posing as the Dash Electrum wallet download page, attempting to trick users into installing malicious software.

The official Dash Twitter account tweeted out this warning yesterday:

New Dash Electrum site at electrum.dash.org

Dash users should avoid dashelectrum.org at all costs. Instead, a new, harder to fake site has been created, electrum.dash.org, to download the Electrum wallet. The original electrum-dash.org link now redirects to the new location.

Users should be aware when downloading and installing a new wallet, and ensure it is indeed official. A good guide is the Dash wallet page at dash.org/wallets.

Fake wallet scams a risk of the crypto business

Unfortunately, as a negative side-effect of the free and open-source world of cryptocurrency, anyone can create a duplicate wallet with malware to steal users’ funds. As a result, users must stay on their toes and only trust devices from reliable sources. Particularly, wallets that hold users’ private keys should be avoided as they can control (and potentially steal) all funds with no recourse.

Another sketchy wallet that stays around is FreeWallet, which has generated warnings across multiple communities. It holds the user’s private keys and has seen many user coins go missing.