I live unbanked, 100% off of Dash. I also recently booked two trips for upcoming speaking engagements, one to the Texas Bitcoin Conference at the end of this month, and one to the European Students for Liberty regional conference early next month. I achieved this without touching fiat currency whatsoever. Here’s a little insight into my experience, and how easy this experience is to replicate.

Dash Only: Domestic US Travel Thanks to BitCart

You can travel in the US, including airfare, travel, and ground transportation, 100% on Dash. The big caveat is that you must use BitCart.io, a service that offers a 15% discount when buying Amazon.com gift cards with Dash. While at present this is an invaluable service for anyone seeking to live entirely off of Dash, right now there are some severe service disruptions that necessitate more long-term planning to make an all-Dash trip a reality.

Airfare: As far as I’m aware, the only option available for Dash is Southwest Airlines, which sells gift cards on Amazon.com. Via BitCart, Dash users can get a 15% discount on flying Southwest in most of the US, as long as they travel to a city serviced by the airline. Also, the gift cards are physical, and therefore proper advance planning must be taken in order to use this option.

Lodging: Again thanks to BitCart, online gift cards to Hotels.com and AirBNB are available. This makes it especially easy and feasible to use Dash, especially when booked in advance.

Ground Transit: Uber gift cards are available via Amazon through BitCart.

Dash/Bitcoin: International Travel Is a Breeze

When travelling internationally, going purely Dash isn’t easily possible, as no international airline ticket service accepts it so far, and no appropriate Amazon.com gift cards are available. This means that the Dash user will have to leverage a service like ShapeShift to convert to Bitcoin. Once this psychological hurdle is vaulted, however, everything becomes quite a bit easier.

Airfare: At the moment there is no direct Dash option available. More indirect options include using a Dash debit card (or virtual card) to convert to fiat currency to pay for airfare, or using a service like Abitsky or CheapAir, which seamlessly allows you to pay for flights using Bitcoin, assuming you use ShapeShift to convert Dash to Bitcoin (either in advance or when time comes to pay).

Lodging: BitCart can still be used for lodging around Europe, since both Hotels.com and AirBNB support locations around the continent. In addition, when converting to Bitcoin is an option, CheapAir also offers hotel booking.

Ground Transit: Uber gift cards are available through BitCart, though the service may be less universal than elsewhere. Rental vehicles are also available through CheapAir.

Conclusion: Crypto-Only Is Doable, Dash-Only Is Possible-ish

Thanks in great part to the heavy ground work put in by early Bitcoin advocates, it’s entirely possible, and even feasible, to book travel entirely with cryptocurrency. This is also achievable purely with Dash at the moment, with a few restrictions, notably that without BitCart you’re out of luck for the most part. If you’re willing to bridge the crossover to Bitcoin and possibly some fiat bridge services like debit cards, travel on only Dash is quite doable. Otherwise, it may be a bit of a struggle so far.