More Stamps Global, which just launched this past August, allows travelers to purchase hotels and flights (domestic and international) with 40 different cryptocurrencies, including Dash, for destinations all around the world.

The Hungarian based company aims to eventually accept up to 300 cryptocurrencies and is a self-described group of “crypto-enthusiasts’ that are “specialized in planning the perfect vacation customized to consumers’ interests”. Their founder and CEO, Patrick Amoah, said via their website that their “search for a better travel means led [them] to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, equipping them with a potent weapon to revolutionize the travel and tourism sector”. Their main page boast flights such as London to Ibiza, Sydney to Jakarta, New York to Paris, hotels in Rome, Dubai, and many more destinations and itineraries for relatively affordable rates.

They further elaborated that “More Stamps Global was born from the zeal and hunger to offer freedom of movement and hassle-free travel to the world at large”. The website also allows consumer to purchase sightseeing activities though the site so consumers have something fun to do once they reach their destination.

Cryptocurrencies eliminate old-world financial hassles of traveling

Historically, when individuals traveled internationally, they would have to get cash out of their bank account and exchange that cash for the foreign currency of the country they were visiting. Aside from exchange rate risk of converting back into their home country’s fiat upon returning, they would have to pay significant currency exchange fees. These fees could be minimized if consumers sign up with the right bank/card to make electronic payments and exchanges, but the research and knowing the fee structure quickly becomes a tedious task within itself. Then even after consumers find the right bank/card, they often have to notify their provider of what countries they will be visiting and when so the bank/card does not freeze their account on suspicion of fraudulent activity. This could even happen to consumers traveling domestically. Using cryptocurrency to book travel itineraries, instead, solves these issues.

Cryptocurrencies are borderless and are able to seamlessly be used across geographical and political borders. Plus, if a specific cryptocurrency is not accepted in a region, it is easy to use one of the many online exchanges to make a quick and inexpensive switch to the cryptocurrency of choice that is accepted in the destination region. Using cryptocurrency allows consumers to make their own decisions, on their own time, without having to reveal to anyone else their specific travel plans. In addition, this is all done for minuscule fees when compared to the traditional fiat currency exchange industry. Consumers now have many more options than the limited banking/card options previously available for travelers, however, some cryptocurrencies are still better than others.

Dash is designed for global and fast use

Dash makes traveling and transacting in a foreign area as streamlined as possible. Dash has focused on becoming an everyday currency for transactions no matter how small or large, which is ideal for traveling where purchases can range from large itineraries and souvenirs to small gifts and food items. Dash also enables very fast regular transactions and confirmations in 1-2 seconds for $0.01-$0.02 USD with InstantSend, which is ideal for traveling since consumers do not want to slow down their trip for transaction confirmations. Dash has been able to accomplish these feats via its DAO governance that has allowed Dash to seamlessly initiate upgrades that have maintained Dash’s record low transaction fees, extremely fast speed, and great security. This has allowed Dash to see wider adoption throughout Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, United States, Europe, Ukraine, Nigeria, Africa, Australia, and parts of Asia.

Due to this wide reaching adoption of Dash, consumers are free to traverse the world and stay within the Dash community for a hefty part of their trip. Travelers can simply visit to see which of the 3,000+ merchants are located at their destination. Consumers can visit to buy plane tickets, hotels, or car rentals with Dash or they can leverage TravelbyBit to easily explore Australia with Dash. This makes the consumer journey experience easier since travelers can now worry less about switching between different types of cryptocurrencies. Dash supplements merchant initiatives to enable consumers to travel via cryptocurrencies by making Dash a seamless currency usable around the world.