Video repost of interview with CrowdNode Founder / CEO Andreas Rud and Founder / Board Member Peter Vesborg.

Below are question timestamps to help you navigate to point of interest in video. If you have any more questions or would like to learn more about pooling service, the CrowdNode team have a dedicated project channel on 💬 Dash Chat Discord set-up for community communications.

⏱ Video TimeStamps:

  • 00:55 How did CrowdNode get started?
  • 03:22 What is your crypto background, are you new to Dash?
  • 04:42 Tell me more about the CrowdNode team?
  • 07:39 How long have you been developing CrowdNode and when did you launch service to public?
  • 09:14 Did you have any prior masternode experience before CrowdNode?
  • 10:40 Why do you want to offer fractional masternode ownership service?
  • 12:40 How many users are using your service right now?
  • 14:34 What’s the minimum deposit amount of Dash required to use CrowdNode?
  • 15:14 What are the KYC / identification requirements to use service?
  • 17:08 How do withdrawals work on CrowdNode?
  • 18:50 Can anyone in the world sign-up or is it restricted in anyway?
  • 19:39 What is the new-user setup process? (screenshare demo)
  • 25:42 What happens if one team member goes rogue?
  • 27:34 How did you decide on 15% service fee?
  • 28:57 Are you a legally registered public company?
  • 30:30 For transparency, what happens if a team member becomes compromised?
  • 32:59 What is the difference between you & other Dash pooling services available?
  • 37:40 Have you thought about including voting rights as well in your service?
  • 39:39 What protection measures to you have in place to keep funds safe?
  • 41:57 Are the masternodes secure, how are you hosting them?
  • 43:25 Are you safe from hackers? what is the attack vector risk to service?
  • 44:22 Can you show me the CrowdNode Transparency Report? (screenshare demo)
  • 50:02 How to communicate with Crowdnode, social media, Discord etc?

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