DiscoverDash has listed 100 Dash-accepting businesses worldwide so far, adding to its ever-increasing merchant database.

A project of Dash Force, DiscoverDash is a website and resource for the main street adoption of Dash as an everyday currency. In the cryptocurrency world, particularly the non-Bitcoin areas, there are many listings and resources for businesses and users, but very few complete or updated. Dash was no exception, with several incomplete listings, including the main resource at the forums. With this cycle’s Dash Force initiative, part of its focus will be building a one-stop shop resource for Dash users and merchants. To that end, DiscoverDash aims to provide a powerful and current listing of all businesses accepting Dash worldwide. This accurate and updated listing recently hit the 100-count mark.

This number is still very incomplete, as a great deal more businesses worldwide accept Dash. The rest will be added as soon as possible, and the process will be ongoing.

Most common category is VPS/VPN services

Of all business categories most often accepting payment in Dash, virtual private server providers claim the clear lead. In addition to Dash, VPS providers tend to accept a broad range of cryptocurrencies, usually beginning with, but rarely limited to, Bitcoin. In addition to the general propensity of IT service providers being more familiar, and comfortable, with cryptocurrencies, this affinity extends to philosophy as well. Blockchain-based digital currencies allow for a secure store and transfer of value that does not need to be regulated or controlled by a third party, and allow users to protect their identity, anywhere from pseudonymously to anonymously in Dash’s case. It stands to reason that providers of services securing internet privacy, independence, and censorship resistance would also be aligned with the same cypherpunk mentality behind much of cryptocurrency.