Really Bad Apps has released the iOS version of the popular Discover Dash merchant directory, including a much-demanded merchant review feature.

Mobile app development firm Really Bad Apps has released an iOS app for Discover Dash, the popular listing website for Dash-accepting merchants around the world. This joins the previously-released Android version that was launched six months ago. According to Matthew Carlstrom, Really Bad Apps’ VP of product, this addition is necessary in completing the circle and allowing all Dash users to have an easy way of accessing merchants near them:

“The iOS market represents a critical base of Dash users which was without access to an elegant native app solution to help them to use their Dash for real everyday purchases, and we’re excited to provide this missing piece for Discover Dash.”

Development of the iOS Discover Dash app, as well as the Android verson, was financed by Dash treasury proposal. The Discover Dash merchant listing was built and maintained by Dash Force, which is also funded by the Dash treasury.

The addition of a much-needed user review feature in-app

The new Discover Dash iOS app also includes a special feature to allow app users to leave reviews of listed merchants, including adding user photos and other information. Carlstrom believes that this functionality is particularly necessary in a user-driven listing app, and was in high demand by the Dash community:

“The most demanded feature by far for Discover Dash was the ability for users to leave reviews on merchant listings. This is especially important in empowering the Dash community in having an active role in maintaining the data of available participating merchants, and we are more than happy to provide this feature.”

While the Discover Dash website does include a user review functionality, this was originally not included in the native Android app. The addition of customer reviews to platforms where users are much more likely to congregate also aids in providing up-to-date and accurate reports and information on merchants. This is particularly necessary in a decentralized ecosystem such as Dash where any business can choose to accept it, or stop accepting it, for payments, and information on participating merchants cannot be definitively verified by a single source, but must rely on outsourcing information gathering to the Dash user community at large.

Dash’s growing global merchant presence necessitating strong user tools

Tools such as the Discover Dash app comes as an increasing number of merchants worldwide have integrated Dash for payments. IQ CashNow integrated Dash recently, adding hundreds of ATMs and over 1,000 merchants to the network. Coinify similarly integrated Dash, adding over 10,000 merchants that now accept Dash. As these integrations continue to pile up, and as they are recorded on Discover Dash, the usefulness of the platform will expand as users will be able to more easily locate merchants near them to spend their Dash.