Disclaimer – I’m not a financial adviser so these views are my own and it’s the responsibility for others to do their own research.

I was recently asked “Did you buy the dip adding to your Dash holdings?” In a word – Absolutely! I’m very bullish on Dash for a number reasons. I believe it’s a strong buy not only from a technical analysis indicator and moving averages perspective but most importantly the utility and payment solution Dash provides.

Growing list of factors as to why Dash may be acutely undervalued

Here are some factors that may be of interest to reinforce why I believe Dash is a solid buy right now:

  • Solid robust network security thanks to LLMQ Chainlocks in v0.14 = 51% attacks and reorgs are impossible on Dash.
  • Dash is the most scarce crypto in top 20 marketcap ranking (limited coin supply = higher & faster growth in $ per coin)
  • 4.9 million from 8.8 million circulating supply is allocated to masternodes. This means there’s a very limited supply of Dash available on exchanges to buy so it’s very easy to move the markets. It’s all about supply and demand and people are using Dash more than ever creating higher demand which brings me to my next point.
  • Data from Coinmetrics shows Dash had the fastest growing count of active addresses among the major coins 2018/2019.
  • Dash Platform, DAPI and Drive solution will exponentially increase utility and services via Dash DApps.
  • LLMQ-Based InstantSend allows for secure, real-time payments which means no more waiting for confirmations!
  • Dash is payments and service oriented, self funding, self governing open-source decentralized project that decides it’s own destiny as a network and is not beholden to ego driven leaders or personalities.
  • Arizona State University blockchain lab research recently confirmed that Dash can scale to over VISA transaction level capacity.
  • In countries where central banking / planning has failed such as Venezuela the free-market opted to use Dash as it was most viable digital currency option and is so popular the Venezuelan government based the Petro currency on Dash.
  • The Dash Investment Foundation the first ownerless and memberless investment fund creates endless possibilities and future prospects for the Dash network.
  • Dash exclusive Alt Thirty Six payment solution specifically catering to the legal cannabis industry recently received $10 million in Series A funding from a private equity investment firm. Alt Thirty Six fully eliminates the need for cash in the cannabis industry by using Dash blockchain technology for digital payments connecting dispensaries with vendors and suppliers. Dash is all set to become the PayPal of the marijuana industry!
  • Receive blockreward payouts by helping to support Dash’s 2nd tier network which only now requires just 1 Dash upwards via fractional or full masternode ownership earning a return up to 6.29% beating high street banks. If I hold US dollars, British pounds, Euros etc. I gradually lose my purchasing power to inflation which is essentially a stealth tax, but I if I hold Dash it pays me for providing a service to the network.
  • Fidelity which controls 7 trillion dollars of assets invested a maximum stake of 10% in Neptune Dash a publicly traded company that builds and operates Dash masternodes based in Canada.

No enthusiasm reduction since the Darkcoin days

If all that doesn’t get you excited about the future of digital cash nothing will. Even after all this time as an old school community member that has owned Dash since it’s early Darkcoin days 5 years ago I’m still as passionate today and fired up about the project adding to my holdings whenever possible. If that isn’t a bullish sign I don’t know what it is. Now we’re fast approaching the release of the highly anticipated v1.0 I’m in full Pokémon mode (gotta catch them all) as I’m expecting a tidal wave of developers flocking to the network as DAPI (Decentralized Application Programming Interface) will support ultra-ease of use client applications in particular facilitating web based scripts and “Stripe” like embedded connectors. These will make it easy for any regular desktop, mobile or web application to deliver Dash services to end users through their own customized and branded channels.

It’s not about buying the dip to sell at the top… or at all

I’m not interested in converting gains back to fiat, this isn’t about investing alone it’s about being apart of monetary history. I’m all about the end game as I truly believe blockchain is a disruptive technology that will rock all industries to the core and the Dash project and the development team behind it is making this all a reality. It’s not about hodl for me, it’s about buidl right now and I believe Dash v1.0 will provide the best infrastructure to propel Dash into the next chapter of the blockchain revolution far beyond the scope of digital currency, not that Dash’s borderless instant secure payments for less than a cent is anything to look down on. The future for Dash right now is the brightest to date as its ever been and it isn’t even in it’s final form. So you asked me if I bought the dip…. Yeah, I bought the dip but that’s only half the story I’m taking every opportunity I can. Free the market, free the people. Dash gives the gift of financial freedom and you can’t put a $ price on that.