Wow another exciting month for the Dash treasury! The December 3rd “superblock” paid out to 31 projects with a USD value of over $4.2 million which was 2.5 times more than last month.  Fewer Dash were paid out this month (5453 vs. 6022) but the price of Dash is up from $270 to $779.29.

There were a number of very large projects approved this month.  Some were funded in a single month others over several months.  While not “fair” I valued the total Dash payments at the current value of Dash just to rank them.  The Kuva project and a few other projects are impacted by this (they received earlier payments at lower exchange rates) but most of the listed projects are not as they have no previous payments.

Large Projects

DASH Kuva Project – Launching Dash in Zimbabwe Owner: kuvateam 3 monthly payments of 565 DASH (added on 2017-09-20)  Votes: 921 Yes / 346 No / 31 Abstain

The Kuva team has just gotten their last month of funding (the first 2 were at much lower USD rates).  They have been very good at providing communication on their project with several video conferences to answer questions and provide current status reports.  Further coverage is here.

Dash Aerosports – Promoting Dash to 200,000 People  Owner: greencandle  – 1366 DASH (1053568 USD) Votes: 930 Yes / 378 No / 98 Abstain

This is the second major project by Dash Aerosports.  Note that they will be paid a fixed USD amount each month (minimum of 4 months) with Green Candle acting as escrow agent.

Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash Owner: huobipro – 1005 DASH (780766 USD) Votes: 1219 Yes / 207 No / 83 Abstain

This project will provide 1000 Dash to be “air dropped” to clients of this large exchange that supports Dash.  The overwhelming support of the masternodes seems to imply this will directly have a positive impact on the price of Dash.

Dash Documentary Owner: DashDocumentary 6 monthly payments of 157 DASH (121939 USD) Votes: 944 Yes / 364 No / 24 Abstain

This project will fund the creation of a “professional” level documentary film about cryptocurrency featuring Dash.  The team put a lot of effort into the proposal with several supporting videos and articles.

Dash and ASU Owner: boscovic  793 DASH (618536 USD) Votes: 729 Yes / 271 No / 54 Abstain

This project will fund educational programs at Arizona State University.  The funding will be escrowed by the Dash core team and ASU will receive only the program costs of $350K.

Bit To Byte: Introducing Dash to Thousands of Students Owner: August – 3 monthly payments of 198 DASH (153495 USD)  Votes: 1115 Yes / 303 No / 30 Abstain

This project will teach young students (and their teachers) about Dash.

Bringing Festy & Dash to the public – Irish Pubs Global Market Owner: operaincubator 3 monthly payments of 198 DASH (153166 USD) Votes: 938 Yes / 290 No / 15 Abstain

This is the 3rd funded proposal by the team behind bitcart and festy. This funding will provide for development to build a viable version of Festy that can be used in the Irish Pub market as well as other uses.

“Border-Free-Love” | A Dash Evolution Live-Action + VFX Commercial | 2+ Million views Over 6 Months Owner: Pieter_Eralith  – 4 monthly payments of 146 DASH (113105 USD) Votes: 835 Yes / 196 No / 17 Abstain

This is the 3rd funded project by this team. It will create a YouTube video advert focused on overseas remittances and provide funding to run the ad for 2 million views in several languages.

The Crypto Show Sponsorship Renewal / Dash Cares / Remittance ATM Plan Owner: Danny_Somthin
6 monthly payments of 90 DASH (70136 USD)  Votes: 882 Yes / 164 No / 91 Abstain

Except for Dash Core the Crypto Show has been funded the longest of any other project.  This will provide 3 different things (which should be separate proposals in my opinion) sponsorship, a charity program and focus on cross country remittances using Dash.

Medium Size Projects

These projects between an “estimated” total USD cost of $75K and $200K would have been rated as very large just a few months back.  Many of these projects were covered in previous DFN articles so I will only discuss a few of the new ones.

Dash Watch  Owner: paragon  – 3 Monthly payments of 70 DASH (52814 USD) Votes: 894 Yes / 44 No / 2 Abstain

This project will provide a single source of proposal status information which should greatly help with the “oversight” of many many open projects.  I for one will be very happy to have a single place to look for status info.

General Bytes: Making Dash a First Class Citizen Owner: greencandle – 3 monthly payments of 60 DASH (44602 USD) Votes: 1082 Yes / 35 No / 13 Abstain

This escrowed project will add Dash to all General Bytes ATM’s and their POS system.

Bringing Dash to the South Asian Freelancing Industry : An Accessibility, Research & Education Project Owner: GauravGupta – 2 monthly payments of 88 DASH (66468 USD)  Votes: 715 Yes / 134 No / 20 Abstain

“This project aims to promote adoption of Dash as Commercial Currency across the large and growing freelancing industry in South Asia, educate new users and research challenges to its adoption.

Freelancers accepting Dash can allow the Dash Community to start using their coins for backend services like IT / Graphic Design / Digital Marketing without converting to Fiat Currency; Building a small services loop.”

Dash Integration @ Coinfinity and Bitcoinbon Owner: essra  99 DASH (73323 USD) Votes: 772 Yes / 65 No / 18 Abstain

This will flood Austria with 4,000 locations (gas stations / news stands) to buy Dash and add the largest online exchange in the country.

“Smaller” Projects

It is hard to classify the return of Amanda B Johnson as a small project but as it is just for one month that is where it fits in.

Most of these projects are focused on education and community building covering diverse places like: Ghana, Nigeria, Estonia, Mexico, Germany and Salt Lake City.


It seems the scale of projects funded by the Dash treasury will only continue to grow.  With the proposal fee itself now well over $3,500 it is more than many full projects were just six months ago.  I see this as a good thing but it will take diligence to fund only the “good” projects and follow them to their completion.