Bradley Zastrow, Dash Core Group’s Global Head of Business Development, recently did a Q&A with the Dash community and also published an article on NASDAQ’s website where he discussed Dash’s future growth plans that focused on usability.

In the Q&A, Bradley answered a few questions that related to the Business Development’s role and the methods they perceive as best for increasing Dash adoption. Bradley started off by responding to a user’s question about whether the Business Development Team has a mandate to specifically focus on business partnerships to support technical troubleshooting with Dash integrations or if they should facilitate larger business relationships.

“It’s primarily around the former, but when opportunities arise (i.e. Bitgo) we will look to facilitate a relationship between the partner and Network where it makes sense”.

He was continued by highlighting when and how exceptions are made for pursuing larger business relationships.

If we had a good business opportunity, but was too expensive for DCG Business Development to fund directly, we would take this to the network (i.e. Bitgo). In opportunities were we don’t see any area of partnership, we also refer those back to the network via a proposal, so they can take their business case direct. We also sometimes work with proposal owners on tech related questions and feedback prior to pre-proposal discussions.”

In his NASDAQ article, Bradley touched on how “it’s not enough to just build it and assume they will come”, but that a strategic communication effort has to be implemented. Bradley mentioned five stages that this includes.

  • Knowledge of the technology
  • Persuasion to investigate
  • Making the decision to adopt
  • Trying out the technology
  • Confirming the continual use

In both of the media outlets, Bradley touched on various aspects of usability that makes Dash successful in terms of adoption.

Dash is building usability infrastructure

Bradley discussed in the NASDAQ article how Dash is partnered with Kriptomobile in Venezuela to distribute mobile phones since they are “becoming the primary means in which people access the internet”. He highlighted how the mobile phones are pre-loaded with Dash features, which makes the Dash on-boarding process much easier for consumers.

  • A way to get an account – through the preinstallation of the Dash wallet
  • A way to get Dash – through the preinstallation of Uphold, but additionally with some Dash in the form of a paper wallet included with the phone.  This also provides the benefit of introducing the user to the experience of scanning a QR code.
  • A way to transact in Dash – Not only can the user receive payment through their Dash wallet and Uphold accounts, but preinstallation of Bitrefill also allows for additional ecommerce options, such as prepaid mobile phone recharge options.

In his Q&A, Bradley highlighted that they are planning to have more exchanges directly integrate InstantSend to speed up services for consumers. They also plan on helping to increase liquidity for exchanges by encouraging more users to enter the ecosystem to make a more robust Dash environment on exchanges. Bradley also discussed the advantages that Dash can immediately offer to the cannabis industry in the United States since, due to legal reasons, the industry currently operates cash only, which “currently has a 20-30% cost”. He added that Dash can provide both B2C solutions via cheaper and faster payments and POS systems, but can also help B2B via cheaper and faster inventory purchases, money management, and more efficient supply chain management through the upcoming Evolution and DashDrive platforms.

Dash provides what consumers desire

An overall theme across both outlets was how Dash is able to get feedback from the community and is beholden to the Dash community, but is also able to have the advantages of a business with leadership. Dash’s Business Development Team is apart of Dash Core Group, whom must repeatedly renew funding via the DAO Treasury so their interests are aligned with those of the network or they risk getting defunded. However, an additional feature is that Dash Core Group and the Business Development Team has a clear management structure, which enables Dash to better work with third parties to integrate Dash and form partnerships to advance Dash. Having a clear leadership team also makes it easier to get Dash news published in outlets such as NASDAQ. This structure allows Dash to not only discover what the community and consumers desire when developing the network, but is also very efficient at implementing those desires.

This structure has not only enabled the Kripto phones in Venezuela, but also Bitrefill, Fanduel, FuzeX, Paycent, and other partnerships. This expands the usability of Dash and increases the ability of individuals to live off Dash. Then Dash is able to bring these services to consumers when combined with the educational and community outreach initiatives of Dash through Dash Venezuela, Dash Colombia, Dash Embassy D-A-CH, Dash Africa, Dash Hub Africa, and others. Dash is able to leverage its unique structure to find out how consumers want to use Dash and then efficiently deliver these service to consumers through educational outreach.