A point of sale (POS) system is essential for most retail businesses. They need an easy way to “ring up” sales and collect all of the data that is needed to manage their cash flow, inventory, taxes and basic accounting. The new “DashPay” POS system being developed by Dash community members @kodaxx and @nitya will provide a way to integrate Dash into the current POS ecosystem.

DashPay POS is a project funded by the Dash Treasury in February of this year.

Budget Total: 165 Dash — Paid Feb 3rd 2017 – Dash was going for approx $17

DashPay is a free (MIT license) app that runs on your device and accepts Dash payments much like a mobile wallet does. The benefits of DashPay is that the “cashier” doesn’t have direct access to the Dash being collected and they just enter the amount in $USD. It works like a credit card terminal so there is little extra training required.

By default Dashpay uses InstantSend so there is no waiting for confirmation times. Once you complete the transaction the Dash is in the store wallet immediately. It also uses the store name as part of the transaction (in the QR code) so your customers’ wallet knows where their Dash went.

For stores with existing POS systems DashPay can be used along side mainstream systems like Square that process credit cards. The transactions are entered like cash or checks keeping it easy for staff to learn. Both apps can even run on the same android or IOS device. Dash payments just flow through your current system like any other payments. This gets your Dash payments into Quickbooks, inventory management and any other related systems you currently use.

DashPay written in React Native connects to a HD (heuristically determined) wallet through the use of a master public key and each payment goes to a unique wallet address. This keeps everything private and secure.

The app connects to a server component that provides connectivity between the Dash blockchain and the store wallet but contains no private information. The only identifier is the unique ID for each terminal that connects to it, the id can be refreshed or changed at any time. This ID is an encrypted hash on the server.

DashPay is currently in beta testing with a roll-out expected soon. They are waiting on some wallet options to mature. HD wallets are sparse for Dash right now, but work is progressing quickly. The Dash mobile wallet by hashengineering works now. Kodaxx has been very proactive providing status updates on this project he even has a channel on the Dash slack.

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