It goes without saying that ecommerce is a huge segment of the marketplace. For Dash to truly become Digital Cash it needs to have a full suite of tools to be easily integrated into online stores and shopping carts.  WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) currently in use (including this website) so having a method to use Dash on WordPress is important.  Last year a treasury proposal was funded to fill this need.

DashPayments for WooCommerce — WordPress Plugin   Owner: nmarley  788 DASH ($6.12/D) $4,823 (added on 2016-03-16)   Votes:  982 Yes / 109 No / 0 Abstain Pre-proposal discussion on Dash forum

Download Dash Payments WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce is the main ecommerce solution for WordPress it has many plugins that add functionality like payment types, shipping info and coupons. Dash Payments is a free plugin that you can add to any other required functionality for your store. Both WordPress and WooCommerce are free but there is a marketplace that has commercial plugins for purchase. The only other requirement is an HD wallet such as Electrum-Dash. I had a few questions for Nathan Marley about the project.

What is the status of your project? Is it ready to be used?

Yes, I did complete it last year. I wrote this plugin while traveling thru Asia, had the idea and started it in Hong Kong, and finished it in Vietnam, so it was nice to take advantage of the lower cost of living (…in Vietnam, that is. HK is crazy expensive). This was my first (and last) foray into WordPress plugin development.

Do you have an idea how many websites are using it? What got you interested in building the plugin?

No, I have no idea who is using it.  I wrote this because there really weren’t any good solutions to enable people to receive Dash directly, without going thru some middleman, sacrificing both trust and a portion of the payments due to middleman fees.

Is it listed as an official WordPress plugin?

No it’s not in the WordPress plugin directory for a couple reasons — one, I don’t like that they require everything to be GPL and I intentionally released this as MIT license. (Anyone who wants to submit this to the WordPress Plugin Directory is free to fork it, GPL their version and submit it — they would also have to maintain that fork).  Also, they have a specific documentation format which I really don’t agree with and the effort to get this and other things in sync (I think it was the translation system?) is something that I didn’t have the time to put in when I made this last year.

Reading the documentation it seems you are maintaining “public” servers for users of the plugin. Are you still doing that? How is it working out?

I currently maintain one API service for exchange rates. It uses this (open-source) service that I wrote for that purpose: It uses the BitcoinAverage and Poloniex prices to determine fiat and crypto exchange rates. If a user wants to set prices in Dash, then this isn’t even necessary to use, but of course most still need to set prices in a fiat currency. This doesn’t take a lot of work and I don’t mind maintaining it.

When you use the xpub key from the store wallet does the wallet have to be open at all times? 

No, the public key just allows the app to generate addresses from the wallet. It has no interaction with the “wallet” directly, just provides a way to send funds to the Dash network, using the same addresses that the wallet uses (but no private keys, so can’t spend funds).

Any plans for updates / anything new?

Not really in this realm. My hope is that Evolution will obviate the need for this entirely. Thanks for the interest in the plugin. 

Nathan even recorded a video to show how to use the plugin.

I setup a simple WordPress site with WooCommerce and the Dash Pay plugin to see how it works. If you have setup a few WordPress sites there is nothing out of the ordinary. You can price your products in USD and have it automatically converted to Dash.

Here is the purchase process. After adding any product to your WooCommerce shopping cart you can view the “Place Order” screen. Wow pay with PayPal or Dash!!

We now have your order. You have one hour to send your Dash payment. When converting the USD price to Dash you can either give a percent discount or surcharge.

Immediately after I sent the Dash I got this notice that my payment was received. You can set the number of confirmations required to what you want.

I could also see the payment was received in my Electrum-DASH-2.6.4 wallet. Note same transaction ID.

Overall the payment method setup was very simple as was the end user purchase process.  I think this plugin needs to get a lot more promotion.  Anyone interested in receiving Dash in payment on a WordPress website has this great option available at no cost.