Dash trading pairs have been added to the OKEx exchange.

On Sunday the 12th, the Chinese exchange announced the addition of two new coins, Dash and Zcash, available for deposit on the platform. Trading for these two has since begun on the exchange.

A continued expansion in Asia for Dash

Dash has made recent inroads into Asian markets, being added to a series of regional exchanges, OKEx being the latest of these. Currently, according to the 24-hour volume rankings, OKEx is ranked #14, with a $127 million volume. Over 50% of present volume, $77 million, is involved in the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash trading pair, indicating heavy speculation over which electronic cash system will win out.

In addition, Dash was recently added to Huobi, which ranks similarly to OKEx in trading volume. Last month Binance added Dash, as did Quoinex and its partner crypto-only exchange Qryptos. Additionally, due to a recently-announced joint venture between Wirex and SBI Holdings, a new easy gateway for buying Dash may be on the horizon soon for Japan.

Finally, in order to better serve the increasingly global Dash community, Dash Force has added an additional news site servicing South Korea. The site, DashNewsKorea.com, presently provides Dash Force News content translated into Korean, with more and expanded content offerings planned for the future.

Dash’s price increase from recent fork drama

Dash has profited from recent speculation surrounding Bitcoin’s scaling debate and battles. Last week, Dash released the 12.2 update, which includes a block size increase to 2mb, right around the time Bitcoin’s own 2x increase was called off. Several days later, Dash’s price shot up from around $340 to $520 briefly, taking advantage of what is likely to be a selloff of Bitcoin for Dash and Bitcoin Cash, before settling down to a present stable value of around $420.