Dash Thailand recently hosted an end-of-year Christmas party at WeWork in Asia Centre Tower, the center of Thailand’s financial district, to display Dash’s aligned values with startups, gain more adoption, and celebrate the fun 2018 cryptocurrency year.

[tweet https://twitter.com/DashEmbassy/status/1076175075030720512 align=’left’] To celebrate the end of the year, the Dash Thailand team discussed some of Dash’s successes throughout 2018, the advantages of Dash, and even had a giveaway. Nine Dash accepting merchants participated in the giveaway by providing products and services that could be won by “simply making a transaction of any amount to a host wallet used to register their address for the prize draw”. Kawin Rungsimuntakul of Dash Thailand described how “WeWork and Dash share core values by providing value to their community”.

Overall, the event helped demonstrate the the creative community Dash is a part of and helps cultivate. This was further highlighted by WeWork’s community manager, Mine Nitsoonkit, describing that they do not only focus on providing co-working space, but “place the focus specifically on providing value to a community and the services they are able to offer towards that”. This importance of community comes to life when some of the merchant attendees were asked how Dash and the cryptocurrency community helped them, such as Fabian who was also one of nine merchants providing the lucky draw giveaway prizes.

“Dash Embassy Thailand helped me as a new business in Thailand to get additional customers out of the crypto scene.”

Based on testaments, the event was an overall success and had a positive outreach to many individuals.

“As a VC here at WeWork, we are investing in a lot of Blockchain projects at the moment. Thanks to Dash to host that great and interesting event.”

Community cultivates adoption

[tweet https://twitter.com/DashEmbassy/status/1075644481381134336 align=’right’] Another attendee visiting from California described the importance of the Dash community being involved in spreading information about Dash and how it helps consumers and merchants.

“I am a big fan of cryptocurrency but had never before used Dash, now that I see why… it is totally possible for all these businesses and startups to get in on it. I mean, why not right? Not to mention the withholdings and charge-backs that come with banking solutions. Nice work you guys are doing, I hope to see you come back here again.”

Community helps drive adoption since it gets at the roots of marketing theory that individuals want to be a part of something – the ‘why’ motivation. One of the best executed examples is Starbucks since they were not only selling coffee, but were selling the ‘Starbucks experience’, which then catalyzed an explosion of niche, independent coffee shops. Thus, cryptocurrency increases its chances of successful adoption by not only pitching cryptocurrency technology, but the freedom and culture that cryptocurrency represents.

Dash Thailand hosting this event at WeWork, which is filled with startups, helps reveal how Dash is itself striving to disrupt the status quo of payments and money. However, the community aspect that Dash Thailand is cultivating helps illustrates that it is not only about the technology, but also about the desire to help individuals through monetary and financial freedom while also having fun.

Dash utilizes its unique structure to disrupt

Dash is able to utilize its unique DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to not only disrupt other payment methods and money, but also help enhance its own community. Dash has been able to develop record low fees, less than $0.0005 USD, and confirmations in less than two seconds with InstantSend, which is about to become default with Automatic InstantSend. Dash has been able to create these upgrades by having the Dash Core Group, the main group of developers, be funded by the Dash DAO Treasury. Additionally, the Treasury has been able to support other groups educating the public about Dash, which is necessary for new technology and helps create a community around Dash.

However, Dash goes above and beyond other cryptocurrencies because its DAO helps maintain the cohesive bonds of the Dash community, which has allowed Dash to seamlessly upgrade and advance in both technology and adoption. Dash community members still have disagreements and arguments, as is expected within any community, but Dash has been able to get over these speed bumps while other cryptocurrencies have seen their disagreements devolve into fractured communities and chain splits.