Dash Text, the popular mobile wallet that enables consumers to send money via SMS, is continuing its expansion in the US due to popular demand by offering direct SMS integration after making Dash Text for Telegram available and introducing a second school into its charity program.

[tweet https://twitter.com/dash_text/status/1128324122977677317 align=’left’] While Dash Text users in Venezuela and Colombia were able to send money via SMS messaging or telegram, US consumers only had the option to use Dash Text via Telegram until now. Lorenzo, CTO and co-founder of Dash Text, discussed how happy he was for this new feature that emerged from popular demand. US users can get started by texting 607-307-DASH

“After enabling Dash Text in the US via telegram, we got several requests from users to also enable it via SMS, so we’re listening. People in the US find it particularly useful to show Dash to someone for the first time since there are no downloads necessary, in fact, you can meet someone at a party or a meetup, and send Dash to their phone number without them even having a Dash Text wallet yet, they’ll get a message saying “Someone wants to send you X amount of Dash! Reply YES to create your Dash Text wallet and receive the money”. We think this is very powerful to get people on board.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/dash_text/status/1128024471540047872 align=’right’] Dash Text also expanded on their decentralized charity pilot program by opening 50 new Dash Text wallets for local school children. The integration brings the total participants to 100 school children and enables donors to donate in a completely decentralized way to preserve the donors’ anonymity and ensure the children get all the donated money rather than having a portion being siphoned off for administration costs, which occurs with many centralized charities.

Who benefits from sending Dash via SMS

Dash Text was originally founded since nearly 60% of Venezuelans and 59% of neighboring Colombians do not own smartphones, which makes their access to cryptocurrency’s features of independent money and finance nearly impossible since they are limited in how they can spend and accept it on-the-go. Thus, allowing Dash to be sent via messaging on simple feature phones solves this problem. However, Dash Text quickly found that many preferred the SMS messaging, and later the Telegram integrations in Venezulea, Colombia, and the US over full smartphone wallets due to Dash Text’s UI/UX simplicity.

“Dash Text is generally used by people who have no alternative since they don’t have smartphones, they are our primary target when conceiving Dash Text, but also for people who want to get others on board with Dash, as well as an alternative option for people with smartphones, we’re also working to expand the remittance usage.”

As Lorenzo explained, their core group of users are those in the remittance ecosystem and by now enabling service in Venezuela, Colombia, and the US, they are more involved in the entire remittance cycle from sending to receiving. Overall, partially thanks to these new features that they have enabled, they are seeing transactions on the rise.

“Transactions are on the rise mainly thanks to the charity program pilot which is a complete success and we’ll do the full launch soon, but regular people are also using the service more and more. Venezuela is still by far the country with the highest usage, but Colombian users and on the rise even without getting any publicity over there”

Dash Text currently has the goal to “cover all Spanish speaking countries and all the Americas”, as well as “looking for ways to enable service in Africa too”, according to Lorenzo.

Dash focused on consumer usability

Dash Text, funded by Dash’s decentralized treasury model, aligns with Dash’s overall mission to make consumer usability as simple as possible to foster greater adoption and usage of Dash in everyday purchases. Dash previously fostered the adoption of Dash in Latin America with a partnership with Kripto Mobile to launch a line of smartphones with pre-downloaded Dash relevant apps such as the Dash Wallet, DiscoverDash, Bitrefill, Uphold, and more. This quickly led to over 66,000 phones being sold. Then after the popularity of Dash Text was realized, Kripto Mobile also launched a feature phone in partnership with Dash Text to further serve the many Venezuelans and Colombians that cannot afford a smartphone. Then there is also Coin Text, which also provides Dash SMS service in the US and Canada. As services like these continue to build out on Dash’s already fast, inexpensive, and secure network, it will become even easier for consumers to realize the value of everyday digital cash.