Dash has embarked on a promotional initiative targeting the global liberty movement, sponsoring five key conferences this year.

Many of cryptocurrency’s earliest adopters included those associated with the libertarian and crypto-anarchist movements, from Roger Ver to Erik Voorhees and countless others. As the cryptospace has become significantly more crowded with new projects than in years past, several Dash ambassadors have shifted a strong focus to the global liberty movement, whose community still overlaps with that of cryptocurrency to a great extent.

Top sponsorship at five key events this year

To most effectively reach the global liberty community, Dash has targeted five key conferences this year with top-level sponsorships, four of them upcoming events: Libertopia (May 3-6 in San Diego, California), Voice & Exit (May 18-20 in Austin, Texas), the Porcupine Freedom Festival (June 19-24 in Lancaster, New Hampshire), and the Freecoast Festival (September 7-9 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire). Liberty Forum already took place February 8-10 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

These top-level sponsorships have been conducted through three separate treasury proposals: one for Liberty Forum, one for Porcfest, and one for the remaining three. All proposals were funded by wide margins.

According to PorcFest co-producer Rodger Paxton, Dash is a natural fit for a strong presence at these events:

“Dash is a perfect fit for PorcFest and the liberty community as a whole because of low fees and fast transaction times. And, retail businesses in New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die home of the Free State Project that take Dash have boomed! I use Dash in retail often, and it is the easiest and fastest experience I’ve ever seen, even faster than credit cards.”

The liberty movement as one of the major potential user bases

Liberty-minded individuals can be considered a natural fit for candidates for Dash users. A key tenet of libertarian thought is the principle of sound money, which can range from advocating for restraint from central bank policies to supporting only currency backed by precious metals or some other form of established scarcity, to encouraging the abolition of central banks and government control over money altogether. This, coupled with an attitude of giving maximum control to the individual and minimal control to centralized entities, makes cryptocurrency a natural fit for libertarians. According to Dash sponsorship co-organizer Allan Demarest, this makes Dash an easy sell to the liberty crowd:

“Early adopters of a new currency need to be more highly motivated than the general population to buy, use, and promote the currency until it reaches a point of mass adoption and the ease of use that the average consumer needs. People in the liberty movement, because of their commitment to the libertarian philosophy, have exactly that motivation that will propel decentralized cryptos like Dash into a future where money – and therefore people – can truly be free.”

Libertopia organizer Sky Conway agrees that Dash can be attractive to the greater liberty movement:

“Dash is fast, scalable, easy to use and most importantly it’s private. It has all of the elements libertarians and Voluntaryists would desire in a global currency and truly fulfills the goals Satoshi Nakamoto set out to achieve with Bitcoin.”

The race for adoption is on

As the cryptocurrency markets gear up for another bull run, the quest for wide use of cryptocurrency is once again in the limelight. The markets have bounced back to nearly $400 billion at time of writing, as Bitcoin’s dominance factor has receded to 37.9%, close to its all-time low earlier this year of just about 32%. If present market trends continue, cryptocurrency could cross the $1 trillion threshold soon, which will place the field even further in the public’s perception. With Bitcoin’s continued decline relative to the field as a whole, mass attention could contribute to a new payments-focused coin rising to the top and being implemented for regular commerce.