This is a video repost of the Dash Talk interview from our YouTube channel. This episodes special guest is Karen Hsu who is the Head of Growth for BlockCypher. BlockCypher is a strategic partner for Dash and offers Blockchain Web Services. I’m sure many of you that watch this interview will recognize Karen as one of the main keynote speakers from the Dash Conference in London this year.

⏱ Video TimeStamps:

🚩 0:12 What is BlockCypher?

🚩 0:32 Why did BlockCypher want to work with Dash?

🚩 01:45 Examples of Dash integrations by BlockCypher.

🚩 03:05 BlockCypher Dash Grant Scheme & how does it work?

🚩 03:45 How does Dash compare to other digital currencies?

🚩 05:07 What does 2018 have in store for Dash and BlockCypher?

I hope you find this video to be informative.

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