In order to improve the Dash community’s cohesion and discourse experience, and to preserve its decentralization and freedom of speech, several prominent community moderators have created a new Discord chat server, Dash Talk. This server was created and fine-tuned privately, but is now open for use by the general public, and features a few improvements over previous iterations including:

Public Moderation Logs: All moderator actions are logged in a publicly viewable channel. This is to ensure maximum transparency and prevent abuses of authority, as well as keep a record in case of honest mistakes.

Moderation Consensus: No major moderation issue is engaged in unilaterally, but instead through a consensus of moderators. This is to prevent abuse and preserve decentralization of the community.

Moderator Coverage Hours: To avoid situations where moderators are unavailable during certain hours and disruptive members are able to deteriorate the community experience, explicit moderator coverage is listed so users know exactly who will be available to help. The eventual goal is to expand explicit coverage 24/7, but the community will be well-moderated in the meantime.

Streamlined Rule Set: Dash Talk has a simple, streamlined rule set rather than a long list of bureaucratic regulations that can harm user experience or police communication styles. In short, be respectful and not disruptive.

Additionally, the Dash Force 3 Amigos “Afterparty” following each week’s podcast will now take place in Dash Talk.

Feel free to invite anyone and everyone to join who you feel would benefit from free, open, friendly discourse about all things Dash by using this link, or going to See you there!