Dash pushed past $100, nearing all-time highs and earning an integration with Coinapult.

Cryptocurrency as a whole surged to record highs this week, passing $46 billion total market cap. Dash in particular rose less than some of this week’s more popular contenders, but still passed $100 USD, reaching closer to its all-time high of $120 in mid-March and nearing a market cap of $750 million. This is over double the price of $49 at the beginning of April, almost 10 times the $11 it was in January, and nearly 20 times the $6.50 it was one year ago.

Coinapult integrates Dash

Right before this latest price increase (likely correlation, not causation), Dash integrated with cryptocurrency broker service Coinapult. Coinapult CEO Gabe Sukenik sees this as providing increased fiat liquidity for Dash in an increasingly diversified cryptocurrency field:

“Giving the Dash economy access to Crypto Capital via Coinapult could be a significant step forward for the liquidity of Dash for bank-settled fiat currency. Even in the midst of significant banking difficulties for Bitcoin companies broadly, Crypto Capital has continued to service individuals and businesses that need access to Bitcoin-friendly international wire settlement. Dash users now can directly buy or sell Dash in fiat, using Crypto Capital and Coinapult.”

Dash’s fiat integration options have been piling up, including Kraken, CryptoBuyer, WhaleClub, and CoinCheck.

Cryptocurrency field more diverse than ever

Bitcoin recently reached a new high of over $1,600 per coin. However, due to impressive gains in the rest of the market, Bitcoin’s market share has shrunk to a record low of 56%. Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin alone are together valued at over half Bitcoin’s total market cap. If current trends continue, Bitcoin could no longer hold a majority value in the field of cryptocurrency by the end of this month.